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The Confederacy of United Systems was the controlling government in the galaxy for nearly two millenniums. The CUS, its capital at Geonosis, built large droid armies and fleets. The CUS was somewhat different than the CIS in the way that the CUS incorporated humanoid troops in their armies as well as droids. The CUS was a largely popular government with the people of the major Core planets including Coruscant, Corellia, and Kuat. The first chancellor of the CUS was Bisoge Sargos.


Rebuilding of the CIS

The new CIS army, reinforced with new EEC-MAD and EEC-WD droids and AT-AW walkers, quickly took over several systems unknown to the recently formed Galactic Empire. Since the Empire was preoccupied with the threat from Rebel/Alliance leaders, they had little concern for a small rise of the CIS again. Chancellor Sargos, leading onward the CIS army which had been even further reinforced with a mix of soldiers and droids, captured the entire Spargeron Arm of the galaxy, which was the least-explored, farthest from Coruscant, arm of the entire galaxy. CIS leaders on the recently-captured capital planet of Geonosis quickly built the armies of the CIS and constructed more powerful, much more deadly fleets. Soon after the Galactic Empire fell to become the New Republic, the CIS, even stronger than before, declared war upon the New Republic. Within days, reports came pouring into Coruscant of massive assaults by powerful warships against New Republic ships, and even the destruction of the shipyards over Sluis Van and the pacification of the planet below by the invaders.

CIS Conquers the Galaxy

CIS forces easily destroyed New Republic fleet after fleet. Soon, Coruscant was cornered and its fleet quickly fell to CIS forces. Chancellor Sargos negotiated with New Republic leaders for weeks before finally the New Republic agreed to terms of surrender. The Confederacy of Independent Systems then, by a surprising unanimous vote in CIS Council, agreed to transform the CIS into a new union labeled the Confederacy of United Systems, or the CUS.

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