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My ancestors fought for Mandalore the Ultimate, for the glory of the Mando'ade. For someone such as myself, what greater purpose could there be?
—Te Mirdala Mand'alor[src]

Conelrad Bendak, later called Te Mirdala Mand'alor, and also known under the alias Atiniir Ala'verd, was a Mandalorian and the founder of the Followers of Mandalore. He was a descendant of the miner-turned-Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Gorse Bendak, better known as Bendak Starkiller, and Conn Bendak, a Mandalorian bounty hunter during the decades following the Great Galactic War. He was known for being able to keep a level head in most situations, and for preferring diplomacy to violence, though he was always ready for a fight.


Early Life (45 - 30 BBY)

Galidraan and Dathomir

Conelrad Bendak was born on Mandalore in 45 BBY as the only child of young Mandalorians Marla and Atiniir Bendak who raised him in the traditional Mandalorian fashion. He was 156 generations separated from his ancestor, Gorse Bendak, also known as Bendak Starkiller, a Mandalorian duelist who served in the Mandalorian War.

When he was an infant, his parents, both True Mandalorians, were killed in the Battle of Galidraan, along with many other Mandalorians. After the battle, the young Bendak was discovered by a group of Jedi, including Sorvae Mattac and Katalana Rohtul, who, disgruntled after the action on Galidraan, took Bendak with them to Dathomir, where they formed the village of Aurilia. These Jedi raised the young Mandalorian to be tolerant of their kind and taught him to fight with a lightsaber, which, while he didn't carry such a weapon himself, helped him greatly against those who did. When Bendak reached age 15, the Jedi, not considering the Mandalorian to have a place in their community, gave him his father's red and gold armor from Galidraan and sent him back to Mandalore in an old scout ship.

Onward to Mandalore

In 31 BBY, Bendak arrived on Mandalore and returned to his birthplace of Enceri, a small village near what would one day be the settlement of Kyrimorut. While there, he recovered some of the remaining artifacts at his family's home, a large, ancient, hollowed out, but still living veshok tree with an attached vheh'yaim, and got his first glass of ne'tra gal and a hot bowl of Gi dumpling soup.

After leaving Enceri, he proceeded to Keldabe, where he was shocked and disgusted to find that the Mandalorian culture that his parents fought to protect on Galidraan had been replaced by a new faction of hypocritical pacifists under the leadership of a Kalevalan, this led him to leave Mandalore at once and seek work on Nar Shaddaa as a bounty hunter, a profession in which he found success given his Mandalorian heritage and minimal lightsaber training.

Bounty Hunting

When he first arrived on Nar Shaddaa, he went straight to the Hutts for work, who redirected him to the bounty office, preferring to deal with experienced hunters. It was there that he got his bounty hunting license and found his first bounty, a poacher from Kashyyyk. It wasn't anything particularly special, but it was a start, and the efficiency with which he completed it led to his next hunt. On his second hunt, at only age 16, he took an ambitious Republic bounty to eliminate a dangerous killer who had assassinated a senator.

It was this bounty that gained him notice from the ancient order of GenoHaradan, the organization responsible for the death of the senator, who, with a new opening created by the death of their assassin, invited Bendak to join, seeing that he had the skill to take out one of their own. Bendak accepted the offer, knowing that it would help him earn a living.

During his short time in GenoHaradan he became battle hardened and his sympathy toward the Jedi began to fade. He was responsible for the assassination of several prominent galactic figures, and some things that he too wasn't proud of. However, his lack of subtlety granted him several bounties on his own head, forcing him to retreat to the undercity of Coruscant.

Joining the Cuy'val Dar

Greetings, Mister Bendak, I am Jango Fett. Your services are required, please report to Kamino if you wish to work with us. As payment for your services, all bounties on your head will be erased.
—Jango Fett's message to Bendak.[src]

In 28 BBY, at age 17, not too long after having to disappear, he received a mysterious message from Jango Fett, a name that seemed familiar, but he wasn't quite sure who it was, asking him to join the Cuy'val Dar, under the condition that all bounties on his head would be cleared. It was an offer that the young Bendak could not refuse, and he packed up and moved to Kamino, where he found thousands of clones of Fett, as well as several other Mandalorians in the same position as himself. For the first time in years, Bendak felt at home. He continued to serve the Republic until the end of the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars (30 - 19 BBY)

Preparing for Battle

Conelrad Bendak during the Clone Wars.

While serving as a training sergeant, he specialized in tracking and technical training, Bendak's views, as far as training, were moderate, believing that Walon Vau was too harsh, but Kal Skirata was too soft on the troops, though he was inclined to agree with Skirata on most issues.

During Bendak's time on Kamino, where he maintained a small apartment until the end of the Clone Wars, he came into contact with the young Boba Fett for the first time, with whom he would have more contact with many times in later life. Bendak minimally participated in the training of Delta squad, and was partly responsible for RC-1140's technical proficiency, though training sergeant Walon Vau did most of the work, and may have been a factor in keeping the squad form developing suicidal tendencies because of Vau's harsh tactics, though he did believe that Vau was right to some degree, he thought he was frequently too brutal. Bendak was also the first to call RC-1207 "Sev", though he was surprised when the name stuck.

Bendak was directly involved in the training of Omicron Squad, who saw him as a father, as well as Aurek Squad, Manka Squad, Hyperion Squad, and Ion Team to a lesser extent.

On the Front Line

In 22 BBY the Clone War began on Geonosis. Bendak was stationed on Kamino when the fighting commenced and was sent on a mission to Geonosis, to track the location and actions of recent defector and clone template Jango Fett, but was sidetracked by the appearance of General Grievous, whom he later reported to the Republic High Command as "some kinda big droid", who thought he had merely seen one of the new super battle droids and dismissed the subject.

Around that time, the Jedi Order learned of Bendak's upbringing and employed his services as a sort f go-between for the Jedi and the Clone Army.

Bendak was later commissioned as an intelligence agent of the Republic and was sent on many missions to different planets over the course of the Clone Wars to perform reconnaissance and "behind the scenes" work including missions to Muunilinst, Kashyyyk, and others. This career continued until the Outer Rim Sieges, where, while performing routine reconnaissance and espionage with Omicron Squad, whom he frequently worked with, and who saw him as a father. Winding up in the heat of battle following an ambush by CIS forces, Bendak took a shell to the chest, damaging his Mandalorian armor beyond repair and near-fatally injuring him, though had he not been wearing the armor, he would have surely been killed. He was carried to safety by the Omicrons.

Bendak's injuries were dire, his heart and lungs were damaged beyond repair He was transported to Coruscant for medical care, where his heart and lungs were replaced with cybernetics. While recuperating, the Omicrons, his squad, who brought him a new suit of hand forged armor from Mandalore, painted black and red, and made of Mandalorian iron.

Order 66

When the Clone Wars were coming to an end, barely recovered from his wounds, Bendak was to be assigned on a special mission from the Jedi High Council. Only minutes before he was to go before the Council, Order 66 went into effect, and he found himself and the Jedi in the surrounding chambers swarmed by attacking clone troopers. Bendak fought his way through the temple until he found Anakin Skywalker slaughtering Jedi. Bendak fought Skywalker in a futile act of defense, an act which cost him his left arm. After losing his hopeless battle, Bendak stumbled for the balcony of the room and jumped out into the Coruscant airways, landing in a speeder several stories down.

Not knowing what to think of this sudden betrayal, Bendak assumed that the clones had gone berserk and turned on the Jedi, and at the time couldn't fathom why Skywalker would turn on the Jedi.

After a brief period in the undercity spent recovering from his wounds, Bendak sneaked to the Republic military center and changed the Republic computer system to delete the files pertaining to Omicron Squad, and set off in a stolen shuttle.

The Dark Times (19 - 2 BBY)

Darkness of the Empire

You boys get to Mandalore, I've got a score to settle with this new Empire.
—Conelrad Bendak to Omicron Squad[src]

After leaving Coruscant with his squad, Bendak donned his new armor, painted black and red, for the first time, sent Omicron Squad to Mandalore with the instruction to go to Kyrimorut and contact a member of the Skirata clan to have their accelerated aging halted, and set out to confront the Empire with a new YT-2000 freighter. Arriving on Coruscant, he found himself arrested and sent to the Imperial Prison on Dathomir, charged with desertion, tampering with official records, and grand theft.

Shortly after being imprisoned, Bendak's cell was visited by Darth Vader, who had Bendak transferred to Byss to speak to the Emperor. The Emperor expressed his interest in Mandalorians as Jedi killers, offering Bendak freedom if he worked for the Empire as a Jedi hunter. Bendak worked for the Empire for several years, growing progressively wearier of this work, and yearning to exact revenge on Vader for his actions at the end of the Clone Wars.

Catching Up With Vader

Vader: “Mandalorian? What are you doing here?
Bendak: “You took everything from me, Vader. Now you're going to pay for your crimes.
Vader: “I- Ah, now I remember, you were defending the Jedi. Ironic, you were defending them from me, yet in order to get back to me, you kill them.

— Conelrad Bendak and Darth Vader.[src]

Bendak finally caught up with Vader on Kashyyyk. Vader was present in the small Imperial base on the planet and Bendak made his way to Vader's chamber. When he arrived at his chamber, Vader was in a meeting with several Imperial officers, the Moff of Kashyyyk, and a group of Trandoshan hunters. Bendak, having collected the lightsaber of a fallen Jedi, lunged at Vader, and though the attack was a fool's errand, Bendak managed to briefly hold off the Sith Lord and slash his chest panel, owing to the protection offered by his Mandalorian armor. Despite his failure at exacting his vengeance, Bendak informed Vader of his past, and subsequent defection from the Emperor's service, and fled Kashyyyk in a Y-8 Mining Ship acquired from CEC, which he called Beskar Buzzard.

A Change of Identity

After defecting from the Empire, Bendak changed his name to Atiniir Ala'verd, and put away his armor for the time. After moving to Naboo, Ala'verd applied for a job on the Royal Naboo Security Force and maintained a small residence in Moenia, where he worked as a police officer and secretly maintained a close association with Borvo the Hutt. Moving up in the Force, he was promoted to Security Officer and moved to Theed, but kept in touch with Borvo for many years. After serving the Security force for five years, and fearing that his true identity would be exposed if he stayed put for too long, Ala'verd left Naboo and went on to a series of odd jobs.

For several years after leaving Naboo, Ala'verd drifted, working a series of jobs, mostly serving as muscle, serving stints on various police forces across the galaxy including the Cor-Sec and Fed-Dub, and working as a bouncer in cantinas, occasionally even finding work as a courier. On Coruscant, Ala'verd decided to try his hand as a bodyguard, and at one time, guarded the actress Wynssa Starflare (with whom he had a extraordinarily brief affair), and child-actor Garik Loran. Eventually, however, Ala'verd returned to bounty hunting, the job he felt best suited him, based on his expertise.

An Unusual Bounty

Ala'verd: Listen, I'm not going to collect the bounty on you, okay
Alina: Oh come on, you think I'm that naive, you're obviously a bounty hunter, what else would you do? *kicking him in the shin*'
Ala'verd: Ow! No, no, I was hired to protect you, I'm not going to collect. Look, Would you like to come into the cockpit?
Alina: Fine, but I don't trust you one bit, know that.
―Atiniir Ala'verd speaking with his bounty.[src]

In 7 BBY, Atiiir Ala'verd was hired to capture a smuggler named Alina Carrick and hold her until the bounty was cleared from her head. The bounty on her head was a staggering 150,000 credits (though Ala'verd was paid 149,476), but Ala'verd, being a man of a strict ethics code, combined with the fact that he was hired by his personal friend and associate Borvo the Hutt, kept to his mission.

As it would take some time for Borvo to erase the bounty, Ala'verd had to figure out a way to protect her from the other party, and then prove that he had no intent to collect the bounty on her head. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the bar through the backdoor, and locked her in the lounge of his ship. As he suspected, she met him with hate when he tried to speak to her, but he invited her into the cockpit of the Beskar Buzzard to prove his true intentions, that he was taking her to his hideout on Mandalore.

After discovering that he really wasn't going to collect the bounty on her, Alina Carrick lightened up to Ala'verd, especially after discovering his efforts to clear her name. She asked why he would do such a thing for a person like her, knowing she had a large bounty on her head. He responded that he was doing it for a friend, and that he believed that, most of the time, everyone deserves a second chance. After her name was cleared, the two discovered that they had become close, and continued to travel together, eventually marrying and starting a family.

Evetnually, the couple moved back to Bendak's family home on Mandalore, having two children, Aran, Mando'a for guard, born in 5 BBY, and Runi, Mando'a for soul, born in 4 BBY. At the Bendak family vheh'yaim, he found Omicron squad taking care of the ancient home, now using Bendak as their last name, happy to see them and considering them a part of his family, he accepted them into his new family. Bendak continued to work as a bounty hunter during this time.

Project Blackwing

You have escaped one too many times, now you will die, and be reborn to feast on the flesh of the deceased!
—Emperor Palpatine[src]

Three years before the battle of Yavin, Bendak's undercover life as Ala'verd ended abruptly when his past finally caught up with him when, he was apprehended by stormtroopers and sent to the Kessel with a life sentence of hard labor in the spice mines, away from his family.

After serving three years on Kessel, Bendak was transferred to the Imperial Prison on Dathomir once again, where he was to be used as a test subject for Imperial bioweapons Project I71A, as they needed to test the effects on subjects with artificial organs. With this development, it seemed that Bendak was doomed to the death and rebirth that the virus brought with it, but, when symptoms were only just beginning to develop, Ferren Dell was transferred to the prison, smuggling in a treatment for the virus, it was unclear how he acquired it, but Dell was able to treat Bendak for the virus in exchange for the Mandalorian's assistance in escaping prison once and for all. In their escape, Dell sliced the prison's computers and Bendak managed to steal a shuttle and escape to the nearby planet of Mandalore, Bendak's homeworld, where the escapees would be able to find relative safety from Imperial eyes. Afterward, Bendak was able to retrieve his old ship, and once again returned to bounty hunting.

Te Shekemir be Mand'alor

Returning home to the impoverished Imperial era Mandalore after escaping from prison, Bendak decided to give up his treacherous line of work to focus on providing a more stable life for his family. He arranged a meeting with Mandalore Fenn Shysa to discuss his idea of a new incarnation of Mandalorians under an organization called the Followers of Mandalore, not a military organization, but a way to bring in new Mandalorians to the cause, and to Shysa's own resistance effort. Mandalore Shysa liked the idea, and let Bendak go on with his plans, reviving the old title Al'Ori'Ramikade, "Commander of the Supercommandos for Bendak's position.

As Al'Ori'Ramikade, Bendak joined forces with four other Mandalorians, Ijaat Meerel, Talon Vechter, Nico Fett, and another, who were all appointed to the council of the fledgling organization. After some time, the latter stopped appearing at meetings, and was later considered a deserter by the council. Later on, many more Mandos joined the cause and the council was expanded to a group of ten.

The Followers of Mandalore continued to operate until Shysa requested all of the Followers' forces to aid the protectors in the war effort. After the Followers of Mandalore's dissolution, Bendak remained friends with the members of the council, secretly maintaining the group as a sort of secret service loyal to the ways of Mandalore the Preserver and Mandalore the Indomitable, and of course Bendak and the other council members.

Short-Lived Peace

The Bendaks enjoyed peace in the quiet village of Enceri, Mandalore, with Conelrad occasionally taking high-credit bounties. In 1 ABY, he took a bounty for a medical corporation that offered him a large vial of kolcta, a miracle substance that could reverse aging if ingested, worth around 500,000 credits, as a reward. He ingested a small amount, as such an opportunity only cones around once in a lifetime. He Kept the rest around the house just in case anyone ever lost an arm or leg.

In 3 ABY, Conelrad and his wife had a third child, named Tracyn, Mando'a for fire.

The Galactic Civil War (3 ABY - 6 ABY)

For Mandalore

In 3 ABY, Bendak worked as a mercenary to help fund Fenn Shysa's effort to liberate Mandalore from the Suprema, and later aided in the destruction of the City of Bone, and the Suprema, who died with his slave trade. A year later, Bendak fought valiantly against Nagai and the Tofs, when they attacked the Rebel Alliance and Mandalore.

Over the following years, Conelrad Bendak served as a ranger for the Mandalorian Protectors, and a soldier for the Rebel Alliance.

The New Republic

In 5 ABY, Conelrad Bendak fought for the Mandalorian Protectors in the Battle of Mindor, and afterward joined the New Republic military to help return the Republic to the galaxy, promising his family he would be back soon. While fighting for the New Republic, he fought in the Battle of Coruscant, where he nearly lost his life, but in the end, the Republic was successful.

After the battle, Bendak invited his family to join him on Coruscant, where he planned to speak to New Republic high command about his "debts" to the Empire, and the protection of his family. Given his service to the New Republic, high command guaranteed him and his family safety from the wrath of the Empire.

After his meeting with the New Republic High Command, in 6 ABY the Bendaks returned to Mandalore, where they continued to live in peace for many years, Bendak later began working to reinstate the Followers of Mandalore, and Alina opened a cantina called Buy'ce Gal.

A Time of New Peace (6 - 27 ABY)

Bringing the Galaxy to Mandalore

Do you want to visit a planet with thousands of years of history? Do you want to sample unique culture and cuisine? Then you should visit Mandalore! With a history of over 4,000 years and a truly one-of-a-kind society, visit Mandalore before Mandalore visits you!
—Bendak's billboards, seen across the galaxy around 7 ABY[src]

Following the Battle of Coruscant, Mandalore Shysa tasked Bendak with bring tourism to Mandalore, given his history as a master recruiter and propagandist, in order to get the planet of its still deep poverty. These efforts were somewhat of a success, and Mandalore's economy was greatly boosted by visitors to Keldabe.

Re-Establishing the Followers of Mandalore

At some point, Bendak procured a decommissioned Imperial prison ship, which he christened the Je'karta Naast, which would serve as the flagship for the expanding Followers of Mandalore.

Bendak also took a place in the government of Mandalore, occasionally serving as an ambassador to the New Republiv.

Later, Mandalore Shysa requested that Je'karta Naast be added to the Mandalorian fleet as a destroyer, and Bendak found himself in a position as a fleet commander for the next few years.

The End of the Shysa Administration

Tragically, in 20 ABY, Mandalore Fenn Shysa was killed on Shogun, and there was some question as to who would be Mand'alor, with a few wanting the position to go to Bendak. In the end, Boba Fett returned to Mandalore later as the new Mandalore, Fett remembered Bendak from Kamino as a level-headed leader, and re-appointed him as an adviser.

As the third in the line of command, behind Goran Beviin, Bendak was in a high place of command, he continued to maintain the Followers of Mandalore as a secret society, known only to Bendak and Mandalore.

The Yuuzhan Vong Invasion (27 - 40 ABY)

Twenty-seven years after the Battle of Yavin, a race of extra-galactic warriors called the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Bendak aided Fett in gaining the upper hand over the invaders by gathering intelligence under the ruse of alliance.

Bendak, in 'Je'karta Naast played a major part in the war, fighting the Vong in orbit of many planets. Bendak and the Followers of Mandalore also helped greatly in many ground battles.

The Second Galactic Civil War (40 - 44 ABY)

For years, the somewhat cynical Bendak suspected that the Sith would return and history would repeat itself with a new Galactic Civil War, this time finally came in 40 ABY. During the war, he acted mostly as a strategic officer, behind the lines, though, despite his old age he fought valiantly in a few battles against Darth Caedus, including the Batle of Nickel One.

After the War (44 - 54 ABY)

Te Mirdala Mand'alor (54 - 61 ABY)

Several years after the Second Galactic Civil War, Boba Fett, after greatly suffering from the negative effects of cloning, passed away at age 86. After Fett's death, several of his top advisers and lieutenants polled to determine who would be the next Mandalore, and Bendak, the oldest, and considered most politically experienced, was granted the position.

Te Mirdala Mand'alor

During his reign as Mandalore, Bendak, who had fashioned himself as Te Mirdala Mand'alor or Mandalore the Clever, worked tireless to establish the Mandalorians as a galactic power, establishing a stable fleet and military, and sending ambassadors to planets surrounding Mandalore, such as Taris and Myrkr, to attempt to peacefully establish an alliance. He also saw to it that Mandalorian military presence was instated on some far out, less important, planets across the galaxy, such as Roon, Subterrel, Lok, and Ord Mantell.

Perhaps his most notable accomplishment as Mandalore was to create an expedition to a Deep Core world called Kuar, used as a Mandalorian fortress many years ago, with the purpose of establishing a Mandalorian installation close to the Galactic Core, and close to Coruscant.

On Kuar, later renamed Mandaloria, he ordered the construction of a great palace, the Citadel of Mandalore, serving as an alternate place of government for the Mandalorian people. He spent the rest of his life living in the palace, often venturing back to Mandalore for extended stays.

After the establishment of the Citadel of Mandalore, Mandalore installed the Followers of Mandalore, his longstanding organization, as the government of the Mandalorians, and moved their administrative capital to Mandaloria. Eventually, the Followers of Mandalore became separate from the Mandalorians on Mandalore, and Mandaloria was all but forgotten by the galaxy, though the Followers remained present through the ages.

Shortly before his death, Mandalore traveled to Dxun, to visit the jungles that his ancestors once controlled.

Death (66 ABY)

In 66 ABY, at the age of 111, and after serving as Mandalore for twelve years, Mandalore the Clever quietly passed away at the Palace of Mandalore on Kuar.


Bendak's Mandalorian military reorganization system continued to operate for hundreds of years, making it effectively the most successful system of Mandalorians in recorded history. The allies he established as Mandalore stood by the Mandalorians for many years, as well.

At the time of his death, Bendak was one of the only remaining veterans of the Clone Wars.

Following his death, the area surrounding his palace on Kuar was developed into a sprawling city, known as Mandalore City, or Mand'aloriya. As years passed, the power of the Mandalorians began to diminish, and the Followers of Mandalore became isolated from the main stream of Mandalorians on Mandalore.

Personality and Traits

Conelrad Bendak was a warrior, and in true Mandalorian fashion, enjoyed the fight, but he also preferred to take the most likely path to victory rather than fighting for the fight's sake. Because of his upbringing, he was somewhat separated from Mandalorian culture, though he always considered himself a Mandalorian. Bendak was man of few words and generally only spoke as much as necessary.

Bendak valued honesty and integrity, and never violated his code of honor, even when working outside of the law. When he was raised by the Jedi of Aurilia, he was taught to tolerate the Jedi, though as he aged, this tolerance faded. Bendak was a family man, and his loyalty lay first with his wife and children.

Bendak idolized both Mandalore the Ultimate and Mandalore the Preserver, and eventually worked to continue the crusades of Mandalore the Ultimate in galactic conquest.


Conelrad Bendak wore standard Mandalorian armor throughout his life, and from the end of the Clone Wars on, carried an E-11b blaster rifle. After time in the RSF, Bendak carried a modified Power 5 heavy blaster pistol, modified with Verpine, Mandalorian, and Arkanian technology. He was also known to carry a custom Veshok wood disruptor rifle that belonged to Gorse Bendak.

After leaving Kamino, he used a YT-2000, which was replaced with a Y-8 Mining Ship, named the Beskar Buzzard. In 13 ABY he acquired an old Imperial prison ship as payment from the New Jedi Order, which he named the Je'karta Naast.

During his travels across the galaxy, Bendak amassed a large collection of relics and antiquities which he added to his family's already large collection of such artifacts.

Skills and Abilities

Conelrad Bendak was an average human being, in relatively average physical condition. After the Clone Wars, his stamina was increased by the cardio-respiratory implant he received after being near-fatally wounded in the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars.

His life was greatly extended by his cardio-respiratory package, which caused him to age more slowly and look younger than his true age, aging at about 3/4 the average aging rate.

Bendak spoke fluent Mando'a, as well as Huttese, Bocce, and Arkanian.

Over the course of his career, Bendak developed several connections in high places, including Borvo the Hutt, Queen Kylantha of Naboo, Luke Skywalker, and Mandalores Fenn Shysa, Boba Fett, and Goran Beviin.


Alina Carrick

Conelrad Bendak first met Alina Carrick on a mission to keep her safe while a bounty was cleared from her head. He initially treated her with indifference, as a bounty, she however seemed to be becoming infatuated with him. Bendak dismissed his as a case of Stockholm Syndrome however, and after her name was cleared, they parted ways. After several years, they met again, and Bendak got her out of trouble again. After this second meeting, she began traveling with him. Bendak initially tried to get rid of her, but she was persistent, and Bendak soon lightened up to her. Later on, they began a more romantic relationship and were eventually married.

Borvo the Hutt

Bendak first met Borvo while working for the Royal Naboo Security Force in Moenia, and the two became close friends and business partners, both calling in favors from each other on several occasions.

Ferren Dell

During his time imprisoned on Dathomir, Bendak conspired with several rebel sympathizers, one of whom was Ferren Dell, a smuggler from Telos IV and a sergeant in the Rebel Alliance. Although the two were friends, they had little in common, with Dell being an easy-going smuggler and Bendak being a disciplined, no-nonsense soldier. Despite being allies, the two never got along well, essentially only similar by sharing a common enemy, the Empire.