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Cogault was a planet in the Uoti sector and the homeworld of the Ossa.


The Infinite Empire conquered Cogault early in their galactic conquests. As an experiment, they altered the length of the planet's day to exactly 24 hours from 25.4 hours. The native species adjusted their sleeping schedules accordingly. In 22,718 BBY, millennia after the Rakata abandoned the planet, Humans discovered and colonized the planet. It became a member of the Galactic Republic but the Ossa did not receive equal representation with the privileged humans.

Cogault was one of the planets that, from the beginning, was a member of the Galactic Empire. The Ossa went from being marginalized to oppressed. In 2 ABY, Jax Mooncylle was stationed on the planet and he shot down Nebbok Elzatt, who was attempting to infiltrate the world aboard a suspected Rebel X-wing. It was liberated by the New Republic in 5 ABY.

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