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Think through your actions before you act and they will prevail.
—Cody Skywalker

Cody Skywalker was a Human Male from the planet Naboo. Cody was a Jedi Master, an Agent, and a Grand Admiral. He served the Galactic Republic as a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars and a Jedi Master during the Stealth Wars. His parents were Axő Skywalker and Juna Rone. He had two apprentices who were Jordan Sänterío and Miä Eris due to great need for more Jedi after the Battle of Geonosis. The two were extremely loyal to the Jedi Order. Cody Skywalker commanded the Eighth Fleet as his main Star Fleet for the Galactic Republic. He would often be assigned on missions by the Galactic Republic Agency, an Agency dedicated to reject any CIS Saboteurs.

At birth, he was taken care of in Naboo by a large extended family until Dooku took him to join the Jedi Order at the age three. At the beginning of the Clone Wars, he was assigned two Jedi apprentices. He fought with them for the rest of his life. Later, the Jedi Masters accepted him into the Jedi Council as a Jedi Master. Cody only fought for several hours, when he was sent to defeat the CIS in the Unknown Regions at 19 BBY. He stayed fighting the CIS for 65 more years. He was killed at the end of the Stealth Wars by several Droid Dekars at his attempt to destroy the Death Star IV.


Early life

Cody Skywalker was born in 46 BBY. The system he was born in was Naboo in the city of Spinnaker. Some local civilians say he was really born in a ship landing in the city, when his family walked out of the ship with him.

As Senator and Representative, Cody's parents were demanded by the Queen to the Capital City of Theed where they were to host an election Campaign. After the successful election of Queen Jessa, Cody was trained as professional Sniper at the age of four and a half and a professional warrior at the same age. He won several junior marksmanship competitions due to his vast training for several hours every day. It was very tough for Cody to get to this point because of his extremely young age.

Cody lived most of his early years in activities, while he was separated from his parents because they were both politicians, so he spent a lot of time with his uncle who was a farmer. His uncle taught him many skills and told him many stories. Most of their time they enjoyed while not being in other activities. He grew very close to his uncle for most of his years. He would gain wisdom from him and get very clever; Cody began to be able to solve many everyday problems. He began to understand the world more openly and learn to communicate quickly.

When Cody first heard of the Jedi Order at the age of five, he felt as if it were his duty to serve the Jedi after he had heard many stories about them being so heroic, but he didn't understand that being a Jedi would require a hard life and separation from his family, plus the training and actual missions Jedi go on being so hard. He told his family but they refused everytime he mentioned it. He desperately wanted to join the order but couldn't. His Uncle explained to him all the hardships of a Jedi's life, but Cody still wanted to learn to be a Jedi. His uncle supported him, but Cody's parents still refused. Cody finally accepted his parents' decision, and he sadly continued with his life.

Personality and traits

In his youth (circa 26 BBY), Cody Skywalker was loyal to the Jedi Order. He would be dedicated to winning and in training and in war. He possessed a grand sense of wisdom he had learned from Yoda. Cody was very obedient to his Masters and would never rebel unless he was positive he was doing the right action. Kit Fisto reflected upon Cody's considerable knowledge and wisdom. He was more eager to learn more wisdom to ensure his future leadership.

As a Jedi Knight, Cody often acted as if he were the commanding General or Admiral in charge of any assault he participated in, showing his strong desire for leadership. He would usually be put in charge and would mostly be victorious in his times of command. Cody was quick to learn everything taught to him by mostly his Masters. Most of the time, he was a “ridiculously” skilled pilot and Starship Navigator as described by his lifelong acquaintances, Admiral Gaarn and John Mark Tibuth. As a Jedi Knight, Cody cared for every living beings in the Galaxy. He was often referred to as Admiral of a Fleet, even though he was really not what he was referred as by other officers. Cody was enthusiastic and always prepares for a new mission, but he was never worried about the situations he participated in. Cody would never lose his patience for any situation. He always tried to get as much wisdom from al his experiences as possible, while balancing his learning with the excitement of his “adventures”. Cody always enjoyed his missions of assault, but often took his urgent or desperate missions extremely serious. Cody always found a way to solve the conflicts even when they seemed impossible. His personality was somewhat similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi's.

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