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Coachelle Prime was a planet in the Mid Rim in the Coachelle System apart of the Terr'skiar Sector. It was ajoined by 5 other planets and inhabited by the white-grey Lepi species.


Coachelle Prime is a large terrestrial planet in the Mid Rim. It including 5 others was the 1st habitable planet in the Coachelle System. It orbited one star called Coachelle. The Planet consisted of one large super-continent containing grass lands, forests, mountains, and hot swamp lands. The one continent had one controlling faction with one walled in capitol.

The planet was orbited by 3 moons all with rocky terrain and no atmosphere. Each moon contained a sort of outpost including a relay station, holonet station, and a military launch base. The planet rotated in a 26 hour period and orbited its sun in a full 324 day period.


It is unknown where the native species of Lepi came from or how they originated on Coachelle Prime but it is known they were around in the Before the Republic era. Sometime before 4,020 BBY Hutt crime lord Jir'an Tukruto took control of Coachelle Prime and used their inhabitants as slaves. It wasn't until 3,974 BBY that the Lepi was free.


In 3,977 BBY the world went into a state of war for 4 years. The war known as The Lepi Revolution started in 3,977 BBY at the Battle of Coag'el. Most of the world wasn't affected by the war physically but culturally, politically, and economically the world's inhabitants of Lepi changed drastically towards the end of the war in 3,974 BBY.

The Lepi Republic

Near the end of the war in 3,974 BBY the worlds first stable government force was founded. It was founded by Darth Xeldath and Lepi Commander Quanit and known as The Lepi Republic. They used the city of Coachelle as their capitol and they raised a military of their own for future wars. They lasted only 4 years long until the fragmented and reformed into The Lepi Empire in 3,969 BBY.

The Lepi Empire

In 3,969 BBY the Lepi government and people of Coachelle Prime began to doubt their government's protection from outside influences. The primary fear was an attack from the mandalorians due to the rumor of them preparing an attack on the Mid Rim. After repeated pirate attacks the Lepi grew more and more paranoid and so they voted in emergency powers to their leader Darth Xeldath. With this power he fragmented The Lepi Republic and reformed it into The Lepi Empire.

The Lepi Empire and Lepi Republic

Symbol of The Lepi Republic and The Lepi Empire

Once the new empire was formed they Lepi began to mine their planet's resources even more then they used to. They used these resources to create war machines, most notably the Lepi X150 Star Dreadnought. It took around a year to complete the first prototype ship. By that time pirates returned and was surprised by the ship. After a successful test on the pirate fleet they began rapid mass production of the X150 Star Dreadnought. By the end of the Mandlorian Wars half of Coachelle Prime's resources were depleted.

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