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Rise of the Empire era

You Jedi still don't get it, do you? We Separatists are simply fighting for our freedom, for our homes, for our families, and to defend our independence! We have no desire to let you Republic oppressors invade our nation and conquer us! You Jedi are deeply despised across the Confederacy, because your order is deeply committed to leading a conquering army in order to take our rights and our self-determination from us! You Jedi are like super-soldiers who are blind to the truth of this war, the truth is that you are being used!

The Republic Senate hates your kind, and are simply using you as a tool to achieve their total dominance over us, once your Senate has piled its heavy and burdensome taxations on our backs like a giant millstone then you will be cast aside, what's more the Republic is under the control of a Sith Lord called "Darth Sidious", Count Dooku knows it, he tried to warn the Jedi, but you didn't listen! You must be blind or foolish to continue obediently serving those corrupt liars who are eager to see your downfall!

—President Jane Zarkan debating the nature of the Clone Wars with captured Jedi Maksi Hikar

The Clone Wars, also known as the Separatist War of Independence within the Confederacy of Independent Systems, of 22 BBY to 19 BBY was a major conflict which took place across the entire galaxy.

The war was regarded by some as the largest and most devastating war since the formation of the Galactic Republic. It was preceded by the so-called Separatist Crisis, which saw numerous corporations detach from the Republic to create an organization which better suited their economic and commercial needs, dubbed the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Many senators and world leaders have also joined the Confederacy because they saw the Republic becoming corrupt, and dominated by the minority rather than the majority. In addition, many did not trust the Supreme Chancellor, or the Jedi Order.

Apart from traditional armies, both sides had Force-wielding cults at their disposal: the Jedi Order supported the Republic, while the Confederacy of Independent Systems had the Order of the Sith Lords controlling it from the shadows, with the infamous Sith Lord, Darth Sidious.

Other factions

Many who broke away from the Galactic Republic also refused to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems; they remained as their own faction, hiding out against the Republic. This faction had a loose treaty and became known as the Republic Rebellion Alliance. Eventually, they reluctantly joined the Confederacy, but they soon regretted it once the Separatists lost the war, although if they had not, they would have been worse off, because they would have been classed as unorganized transients.

Also, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems was dissolved in 19 BBY, many of its commanders refused to execute Darth Vader's order to deactivate all battle droids, and put up a loose resistance. Most of these pockets was cleared up by the newly-born Galactic Empire, and the survivors joined the Rebel Alliance.

The only larger remnant was centered around Muunilinst, Kalee, Yaga Minor and Bastion. Its leader, Vicelord Avenko Ti destroyed the Imperial task force sent for his submission in 19 BBY, and started to re-organize his remaining forces. He also saw that his forces are far from adequate, so he planned a secret retreat. To be able to fulfill this objective, he raided Corellia in 18 BBY and stole Centerpoint Station, an ancient space station capable of moving entire planets, in hyperspace. Following this action, he used the station to retreat some of his planets and all of his forces into the Unknown Regions, where he renamed his faction the Second Confederation and settled on the planets located west of Ilum.

In 21 BBY 10 nations of Earth seceded from the Union of Earth States and formed the Confederate States of Earth, the Confederacy was led by Jane Zarkan, Queen of the Zarkan Kingdom and Empress of the Zarkan Empire, Jane Zarkan was the head of state of the first nation to secede from the Union, the Confederate Parliament was also located in Zarkan City, shortly after Separatist scouts discovered Earth and they were hosted by the Confederacy, after explaining galactic history to the Confederate Parliament the Parliament decided to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Members of the Confederate Parliament were taken to Raxus Secundus in order to meet with the Separatist Parliament, which resulted in the signing of the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance.

As a result of this alliance the Galactic Republic sided with the Union of Earth States, and led by the Republic, the Union invaded the Confederacy, without provocation, beginning the First Battle of Earth, following the Confederate-Separatist victory the Republic withdrew from Earth, and more or less left the Union of Earth States to fight for itself against a much stronger enemy, and the C.I.S accepted the Confederate States of Earth as a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The First Battle of Earth saw public support for the Union plummet, the ongoing First Secessionist Crisis picked up pace, and only a week after the end of the battle the Confederacy had gone from 10 nations to 59.

As a result of the unprovoked attack, and other crimes committed by the Union, such as the Burning of Valley City and the Sacking of New Jackton, an additional 36 nations seceded from the Union in the Second Secessionist Crisis, resulting in the Union only consisting of 15 states, with the Confederacy consisting of 95. The Union was defeated in 20 BBY following the capture of Union President Richard Williams in the Battle of Fort Precipice and the surrender of the Union capital city Williamtown during the concurrent Siege of Williamtown, as a result of the Treaty of Williamtown the Union had to respect Confederate independence, and promise to never again conduct violent action against the Confederacy, in exchange for being allowed to remain a nation.

The Republic attempted to take Earth again in 19 BBY, but was swiftly defeated by the Confederate-Separatist blockade fleet in the Second Battle of Earth, Earth remained a Separatist-majority planet for the rest of the war, before being defeated by the Galactic Empire in the Third Battle of Earth in 18 BBY.

Aside from the Earth Civil War, a larger war took place across the Solar System, the Solar System War, which was fought between two rival plantery alliances, the Solar Confederacy, which supported the Confederate States of Earth, and consisted of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Venus, and the United Solar Federation, which was loyal to the Union of Earth States and consisted of the Republic of Mars, Luna, Mercury, Phobos and Deimos.

Mars was distinct for being a Confederate-supporting planet which was under Union rule for most of the war, Mars was the first colony of Earth, settled ca. 200 BBY, and held deep traditionalist views, as a result the Martians held strong Confederate sympathies when the Confederate States of Earth was founded to escape from the Union's corruption and oppressive taxation, however the Martian government remained loyal to the Union, so most people of Mars began an insurrection against their government, overthrowing it and declaring the Confederate Republic of Mars, despite Confederate support the insurrectionists were defeated after 6 days by overwhelming Union forces, the insurrections began a two year long guerrilla war against the restored Republic of Mars, which only ended with the conquest of Mars by the Confederate forces in the Battle of Mars, the last battle of the Solar System War.


Year one (22 BBY)

Year two (21 BBY)

Year three (20 BBY)

Final campaigns (19 BBY)

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