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The Clone Wars were a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


The Clone Wars began when the Sith Lord Count Dooku led his army against the Republic. In the middle of the war Chancellor Palpatine turned to the dark side of the force. He still ruled the Republic forces. In 26 BBY, The chancellor turned young Anakin Skywalker to the dark side.

Failed Jedi purge

In 28 BBY the new Darth Vader and his master turned against the Jedi. They told the Republic they plotted an uprising. But the Jedi were not all killed; many were still there.

Republic Civil War

This occurred when the Jedi fought against the Republic and the CIS.

Death of Dooku

In 29 BBY, Darth Vader traveled to Count Dooku's ship. The ship was hit by many fires. Dooku died in one hit. Darth Vader was highly scared in the other. He was brought into a large black suit.

End of the war

Near the end of Yoda, Obi-wan tried to kill the Chancellor but failed. After that the Republic was turned into an Empire. As the CIS grew weak, The Jedi allied with them and became the Rebel Alliance.


The Empire said the CIS would have a place in the government if they turned against the Jedi. They did and almost all were killed. Obi-an decided to challenge Vader. They fought on a star destroyer. Obi wan nearly killed Vader and said," You have a son." He then killed Vader. Which brought an end to that war. Yoda had an other fail of killing Palpatine.

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