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To the last breath, we will fight.

The Alliance of Rebellious Clones, or the Clone Rebel Alliance, or even the Clone Alliance, simply called the Alliance, or the Rebels, was an alliance formed between former clone troopers of the Galactic Republic who resisted to Order 51. These clones, being hunted and opposed by the Dark Galactic Republic and the galactic community, rose against the new Supreme Chancellor in their exclusive Clone Uprising.

Unfortunately, their initial number of six thousand was instantly reduced to only twenty men, prompting them to gain help from the Kaminoans and clone themselves in order to form a more solid army. Preparing off the grid for three years, the clones emerged as the Alliance and assaulted the Chancellor's Office on Coruscant once more, the attack resulting in the eruption of the Third Clone Wars.

The failed attempt to kill the Supreme Chancellor led to a series of dreadful battles between the Alliance and the Dark Republic throughout the galaxy. In the end, victory fell into the hands of the clones, and the Republic was entirely destroyed.

The Third Clone Wars


Known members

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The Clone Alliance was initially comprised of former clone troopers of the fallen Republic Clone Forces. After their first assassination attempt upon the Supreme Chancellor on Coruscant, their number was reduced from six thousand to only twenty. Upon retreating into their quarters, the clones requested for help from the Kaminoans to clone themselves in order to build a more solid military force. Thus, almost all members of the Alliance were clones of the former clone troopers, now totalling up to twenty thousand men.

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