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The Clone Army of the Republic (CAR) was an army created by the Galactic Republic to protect it from invasion. It was the galaxy's largest organic army at the time of its creation. The army was composed of clone soldiers created by the cloners on Chandor Prime. The clone template was based on the genetic material of a Mandalorian soldier.

Thirty million clones had reached maturity by the time the CAR had been established and assembled, with ten million clones joining the ranks annually. The Army was one of several major military organizations instituted by the Republic, and this clone count did not include the clones created for naval training.

The Republic headquarters were located on Polis Massa and on the large Venator-class ship, the Interminable. A war council chamber was located on both sites, and included a small archive library. The war council spent most of its time aboard the Interminable for security reasons. The 1st, 3rd and 11th Armies were the most acclaimed within the Clone Army and fought in the war's biggest battles. Those Armies were co-commanded by three clone officers: CC-3030 "Massiff", CC-3023 "Royal" and CC-2202 "Deuce". Their respective battalions and corps. also received praise and acclaim during their tours of duty during the Star Wars.

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