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23rd Republic Divisions
We're wasting our time guarding, i'm ready for some action.

The 23rd Division was first issued into battle during the Battle of Geonosis (Clone Wars) and later became infiltration units. Their purpose was to capture CIS/Pirate/Clan intel and return it to Jedi Generals/Officers. Most were very skilled and some were implemented into Commandos.

23rd soldier

23rd Soldier

Appearance and SkillEdit

23rd troops were trained in stealth, and were trained longer than the average clone. Because time interfered with the division, only an estimated of 95,000 troops were completed and prepared for missions. Basic training was given on Kamino, and certain soldiers were chosen to fight in diffrent climates, such as urban places like Coruscant, the deserts of Tatooine, or the swamps of Nal Hutta. Infiltration Missions were common. In major climate effected areas, they matched the surroundings. In urban areas, they wore green on scattered on their armor.


Major Operations/MissionsEdit

  • Operation "Burning Flame"-Success-Planet of Shola
    23rd soldier 2

    23rd Soldier

  • Operation "Scam the Slug"-Success-Planet of Nal Hutta
  • Operation "Pirates Palace"-Failure-Planet of Tatooine
  • Operation "Home Defense"-Success-Planet of Kamino
  • Operation "Broken City"-Success-Planet of Mygeeto
  • Operation "Sandy Beach"-Success-Planet of Tatooine
  • Operation "Deep Waters"-Failure-Planet of Nal Hutta
  • Operation "Demon's Burn"-Failure-Planet of Shola

Fall of the 23rdEdit

After the event of Order 66, the remaining of 32,000 23rd troops were ordered as "Assassins" to kill remaining Jedi in the galaxy. Many were successful in their missions, but many fell to Jedi Masters. Darth Sidious, disgusted, commanded that the 23rd be disbanded. Many were transfered to other divisions, and some to the 501st.