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Cliegg Lars was a Human moisture farmer on Tatooine before and during the Invasion of Utapau, a conflict between the planet Utapau and the Trade Federation shipping cartel in 22 BBY. Born in 69 BBY, Lars lived as a moisture farmer for many years along with his family. He had what he felt was an inseparable relationship with his brother, Lee Lars. When Lars was old enough, and despite his father's disagreement, he joined the Republic Judicial Forces, the military branch of the Galactic Republic. Sometime after Lars returned to Tatooine, he met and married Akia Lars and the two had a son, Owen. Akia died a few years later due to an illness caused by exposure to sunlight.

In 32 BBY, Lars met Shmi Skywalker in Tatooine's Mos Espa settlement, and the two married one year later. This gave Lars a stepson, Annikin Skywalker, whom he came to think of his own son and wanted to be a strong father figure for. In 22 BBY, Lars allowed a group of outsiders from a crashed starship from Utapau to stay on his farm while Annikin helped repair the vessel’s damaged hyperdrive generator. This led to arguments between Lars and Owen, who felt that helping the outsiders was a mistake.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Cliegg Lars was born on Tatooine in 69 BBY. He had one brother, Lee Lars, with whom he grew up and had an inseparable relationship. As a youth, Lars worked on his family’s moisture farm a few kilometers outside of the Anchorhead settlement. When Lars was older, he decided to leave Tatooine and the Outer Rim Territories, the region of the galaxy in which his home was located, to join the Galactic Republic’s Judicial Forces, the military force of the Republic. His father opposed his son’s decision as he did not want his family to have anything to do with the far-away Republic, but Lars decided to join anyway. He spent three years in the Republic Judicial Forces before returning to farm life on Tatooine.[1]

Return home Edit

Sometime after Lars returned home, Lee left Tatooine to find work off-world, marking the end of their nearly constant relationship. Lars also met and fell in love with a woman named Akia Lars, whom he came to marry. The two had a son, Owen, who was born in 46 BBY. Around 42 BBY, a seemingly unending drought overcame Tatooine, causing Lars’s work to become more difficult. Along with the economic troubles it brought, Akia fell ill due to the drought. Sometime later, she died from an internal infection caused by her exposure to sunlight.[1]

Akia’s death rendered Lars seemingly helpless, and he was left feeling powerless. He did not know how to raise his son on his own, but over the years the two were able to keep their lives relatively stable. Lars eventually took over the farm from his father and continued to operate it, despite the drought.[1]

Second marriage Edit

In 32 BBY,[3] Lars met a woman named Shmi Skywalker who, along with her son, Annikin Skywalker, was working for a Toydarian in a junk shop in the Mos Espa settlement. Lars was taken with her, and he married her one year later in 31 BBY. After the marriage, Shmi and Annikin moved in with Lars on the moisture farm.[1]

Sometime before or during their marriage, Lars questioned who Annikin’s birth father was. Shmi had told Annikin that his father was a navigator on a spice freighter somewhere in the Outer Rim, although Lars never mentioned the story after having originally asked. He believed it was not his place to discuss a private matter, although Shmi had also forbid him from speaking about it.[1]

After many years, Lars came to view Annikin as his own due to the relationship between the boy and Owen. Lars had hoped that the relationship between the two would have been like the one he had with his own brother, but Lars felt that Owen constantly pushed Annikin away. Lars attempted to talk with his son about it, but Owen would never explain why he would act like that in front of Annikin. Because of that, Lars felt that he had gone above and beyond what was seemingly necessary to be a father figure to Annikin, as he hoped that it would give Annikin some form of a male figure in his life for guidance.[1]

The outsiders Edit

In 22 BBY, after a sandstorm hit the area surrounding the moisture farm,[2] Annikin returned to the farm from errands he had been running in Anchorhead, but along with him was Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi requested permission for he and the entire crew of a crashed royal starship from the planet Utapau to stay on the moisture farm for a few days, as Annikin had offered to help repair the ship’s hyperdrive generator and needed to take all of the craft’s systems offline. Although initially reluctant, Lars was convinced by Shmi to let the group stay on the farm.[3]

Because he would need additional hands around the property, Lars put the outsiders to work on the farm, but he assumed that they would not work hard and instead be lazy as outsider stereotypes told him they would. He was surprised, however, when he found that the outsiders were working the next morning in what he felt was a diligent and productive manner. Owen disagreed with his assessment of the group, fearing that the outsiders were up to no good. This caused an argument between the two, but Lars told his son to deal with their presence for a few days until they left.[1]

Personality and traits Edit

Like his son, Owen, the elder Lars initially had a distrust of those not from Tatooine, believing that they had their own agendas and came to Tatooine feeling they could be liberators and saviors.[1] It took convincing from his second wife, Shmi, for Lars to allow the crew of the crashed Utapauan starship to stay on his farm after the sandstorm of 22 BBY.[3] He put them to work the next day but believed that they would be lazy, only to be proven wrong when he found them working harder than he expected. This caused tension between Lars and his son, who had the opposite point of view about the outsiders.[1]

After Lars remarried, he considered his second wife’s son, Annikin, to be his own,[3] and Annikin and Shmi became a part of why he continued to work on the moisture farm throughout the drought. Lars felt that this was especially important because Annikin never knew his birth father, and because Owen never attempted to treat Annikin as a brother.[1] Lars trusted Annikin's judgment, so much so that, after being convinced by Shmi, he allowed the Utapauan crew to stay on his moisture farm.[3]

Talents and abilities Edit

When he was old enough, Lars enlisted in the Republic Judicial Forces,[1] the Republic's military organization that performed a variety of duties such as ambassadorial transport or fighting in conflicts such as the Yinchorri Uprising.[4] During his time off of Tatooine, he was trained as part of the Republic’s military personnel.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

Cliegg Lars is the Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction series version of the canon character of the same name. Developed by Brandon Rhea, author of the novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, the character is directly based on the character Cliegg Lars who appeared in the film Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, although Rhea’s character is expected to have more importance in the story due to the increased focus Rhea is putting on the Lars family,[5] as well as Lars’s involvement in Annikin Skywalker’s destiny.[6]

In Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Lars was portrayed by actor Jack Thompson. When Rhea developed his own version of the character for the Alternative Star Wars Saga, he chose to replace Thomspon's likeness with that of John Schneider. This was due to the fatherly qualities Rhea felt Schneider would bring to the character. A photo manipulation for the character was created by Solus, a user on Star Wars Fanon, the Star Wars wiki of fan invention, who also serves as the editor for Rhea's novel.[7]

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