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The Clantosh system was a star system in the Lugein sector, in the Outer Rim Territories. It was very rich in resources, mainly ores and minerals. The planets were Clantosh I, Clantosh II, Clantosh III (better known as Clantosh Prime), Clantosh IV, Clantosh V, Clantosh VI, Clantosh VII, and Clantosh VIII. The closer planets were excellent for organic resources, and the asteroid belt was filled with minerals and ores. Some mining was also conducted on the harsher planets of the fringe.

Quite well-hidden, the system was not discovered until 53 BBY. Although it was discovered by Republic scouts, the Trade Federation claimed it via negotiations and political maneuvering.

Maintaining a quiet presence, the Federation mined it heavily, but barely scratched the surface of the system's wealth. In 32 BBY, they tested their armies there. However, they were forced to kill a team of scouts and their Jedi protectors when the group crash-landed. The Federation then left.

When questioned, they claimed all the useful resources had been used up, and much of its "wealth" was in fact of little use. This was not true, however. During the Clone Wars, the Trade Federation retook the system in the name of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but failed to defend it from the Republic.

The Republic used the system into its transformation into the First Galactic Empire. Atton Y'nam was chosen as Governor and later Moff. The system was left dull for years, no rebels attacked it. Moff Y'nam soon forgot most of his military training and experience and became more of a treasurer.

Several years after the Battle of Endor, this all worked to the advantage of a certain warlord. Admiral Erk Grekins's scouts discovered it, and the pathetic Moff Y'nam dared not fight. Admiral Grekins was impressed by his mining operations, and allowed Y'nam to become his Treasurer-Overseer, on the condition that Grekins assumed control of the former Moff's holdings.

Grand Admiral Grekins had several other systems used for the same purpose, but Clantosh was one of the richest mujas of all, and it was ready for plundering. While he kept his influence hidden in most of his territories, he developed Despot-class Star Destroyers and sent them to the system while he personally watched the stockpiles grow.

However, New Republic soon found the Clantosh system. Admiral Si Groank led the attack. Like the Trade Federation before him, Grekins, too, could not protect it from enemy onslaughts, this time the New Republic eventually took it. Groank's forces eventually killed Grekins halfway across the galaxy.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Clantosh system was originally invented by User:Aiddat for a Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds story.

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