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Clan Solus (Mandalorian; pronounced 'soul-us') was a Mandalorian clan. Derived from the word meaning "one" in Mando'a, the name symbolized the unity within the clan.

Overview and accomplishments Edit

During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Clan Solus was the only Mandalorian clan in existence. It found large numbers over the years, eventually establishing itself as a Mandalorian remnant army. Around 2 BBY Clan Solus had an internal clash with the Endorian Death Watch, and this would span many years, until the clan grew old and battle beaten.

History Edit

Founding Edit

Mando'ad Parjai was founded in 5 BBY by Fushus Icounited, Mercke Lutso. The two established the group as a way to unite Mandalorians who had become lost during the stresses of war, as ordered by Mandalore Alpha-02 (also known as Spar). To help in this matter, Linzad Fedderish, a brother-in-law of Fushus' mother, created a "Mandalorian Tracker" - a modified Arakyd probe droid outfitted with scent detectors. Using DNA samples from Icounited, Lutso, and Fedderish, the droid was able to detect Mandalorian genetics and help the group in their search.

Leadership Edit

Fushus lead the clan Solus because of his "blood line" and being asked by Spar personally. If he was not asked, Fushus would have never left Tatooine. Though not use to working in numbers, he grew into his position becoming a brother to the men he lead and his dear friend Mercke Lutso.

Lutso was then acknowledged as second-in-command. Although he had a chronic dislike of attention, regardless he filled the role very well and led his men successfully.

The clan was very successful with both of these men commanding them.

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