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Clan Ordo was formed by Atin Ordo on the ship Burning Vengeance, with Jaster Parjir the first official member. At the peak of Clan Ordo's existence under Atin, most of the members were killed except Jaster and A'tin. As Atin's adventures continued, he gained more Clan members becoming close with each of them. Clan Ordo was the head of the Mandalorian Avengers. A'tin Ordo led Clan Ordo in the war against the Mandalorian Commandos who had stole power from the true Mandalore at the time. The conflict is otherwise know as the Second Mandalorian Crusade. It is called this because of the Sith's involvement with the Mandalorian Commandos, being an outside influence on Mandalorians. Once the internal threat of the Commandos was mostly put to rest, A'tin led the united Mandalorians against the Sith.


Behind the scenes

The Clan Ordo of this article appears in the yet-to-be-released novel, The Mandalorian Crusade.


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