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Crest of Clan Barec

Clan Barec was a Mandalorian clan from Shirok, Mandalore, with roots in the late New Sith Wars.

The fathers of the clan were renowned Mandalorian beastmasters, acclaimed for their skills in taming exotic creatures like Ithorian dragons, Coromon headhunters from Fresia, Kamarian howlrunners, Vornskr, and woolly veermoks. One of their trademark features, however, became the habit of leading at least a pack of Ithorian dragons into battle against the Jedi and Sith forces. The huge and fearsome pack hunting lizards were not only excellent stealthy predators and trackers, they were also sure to cause panic in enemy ranks, and thus provided a perfect way of psychological shock and awe warfare.

And since these creatures became so closely affiliated with the ancient Barec bloodline, the skull of an Ithorian dragon became the clan's crest. Although the beast taming tradition was lost in the centuries to come, the emblem remained the same.

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, only few members of Clan Barec were left.