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The City of Coruscant Corporation, formerly officially called the Court of the Lord Mayor and Free Citizens of the City of Coruscant, was the municipal governing body of the City of Coruscant, a unique area located within the Galactic City's Financial District and regarded as the galaxy's financial center. Having come into existence as a legal entity long before the formation of the Old Republic, the City of Coruscant was believed to be the oldest human local government in continuous existence by the time of the Battle of Yavin. Since then it also has taken the role of a corporate entity and engages in business activities throughout the galaxy, mainly to continue to promote the City's role as the financial center of galactic civilization.

The City of Coruscant Corporation was completely independent of the Galactic City municipal government, which covered the rest of the central districts on the planet Coruscant. Unlike the Galactic City municipal government, the City had historically maintained a large amount of special privileges and autonomy. It was also represented on the Galactic Senate by a Senator, the only municipal government to have that distinction.

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