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Circe was born to a very unusual couple: a Force-sensitive Falleen diplomat and his Zeltron wife. The combination of these two species resulted in a child that, to be frank, was bewitching. Throughout her late school years, she would take men into her room and take advantage of them, both physically and mentally. Eventually, tired of the constant rules and restrictions, she left and struck out on her own, borrowing a shuttle from her father. Unfortunately, she ended up running into a group of slavers who immediately captured her, though this surprisingly did not concern her. In fact, she was all too willing to go along with their wishes, and "entertained" the crew until she was sold to a human crime lord.

The man she had been sold to was very harsh, and daily took his anger out upon her. Her fury and malice eventually built up towards him, and one day when he was brutally penetrating her, she let loose. Flame came from deep inside her, and, through the man's member, flowed through him, burning him up alive from the inside out. Free at last, she finally left the hellhole she had been forced into, before running into a man by the name of Lahn. Lahn noticed her latent Force-Sensitivity(which had led to her Master's death) and took her under him, both physically and training-wise.

For a while, she rose up the ranks, her and Lahn becoming the two Lower Flames. After her master's ascent to the position of Dark Lord of Fire, Circe became the Mistress of Fire, supporting her lover's position and receiving favors in return. He was the only person she ever truly cared about, and she gladly gave herself up to him.

Eventually Lahn demoted himself, revoking the title of Dark Lord of Fire. He reformed the Fire Force with the Four Flames being a group of co-leaders with the Lord of Flames presiding over the Council.


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