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Cintac Lorkens was a Sith Lord who lived in the Later Years before and after the Battle of Endor. Cintac was a very wise Sith Lord, Though.


Early life

Cintac Lorkens was born to a small, and poor family in Mos Eisley. His Father worked on speeders in the eastern part of town, and his mother stayed at home with him. He was an only child, so he had no brothers, and no friends, really. When he was a little boy, he encountered a very scary sight. Stormtroopers stormed his house because his father got in an argument with another mechanic named Wilin Nunb, a Sullustian mechanic who had just started working there. Nunb made the Empire search Cintac's House for no reason at all. Once they found out that was just a Fluke, they Arrested Nunb for false emergency, and later executed him because of resisting to be interrogated. Cintac looked at the Stormtroopers and said, "I wanna be just like Them! Just more powerful." When Cintac was 13 Years old, he bought parts for a speeder that he would use for the rest of his life. He first saw a glimpse of the Sith when he saw Darth Vader visiting Mos Eisley for any "Rebel Scum." Darth Vader had a glimpse of Cintac and knew the Dark Side was in him. He offered to train Cintac, but in a secret area no one has been there for years. That planet was Geonosis.


While Vader was training Cintac, he had to go to the Moon of Endor to deal with Rebel Activity. Cintac had to Tr ain himself which was very hard. He had to read the old Sith stories of Darth Plagueis the Wise, and other stories of the great Sith Lords. He later became a Sith lord when he found out Darth Vader had died. He fled in exile to Jakku, where he got married and had his only son Dain Lorkens. He wanted to train him too. He did train him, but not for long.


Cintac had to Face Luke Skywalker on Jakku when he went there in 18 ABE. Dain had to watch in peril as his Father had to fight the Jedi Master. Luke Skywalker was clearly the better Fighter in this battle, So cintac had no chance. Luke Killed Him. and Dain was in agony. Luke offered to Train Dain Lorkens, and he surprisingly accepted. Dain would later become a Jedi.


After His death saw major changes in the galaxy. The Later Wars ensured the end of the Galactic Separatists as their leader, Emperor Kylo Ren was killed. The New Jedi Order stayed in function. His spirit could only be seen by Dain, who later got killed by Kylo Ren.

Personality and traits

Cintac had a naturally aggressive personality, and his fighting style was unique.

Powers and abilities

He had the powers that were about as the same as Darth Sidious. He could do a very skilled Triple-jump that made him unique. He had a Double-bladed Lightaber just like Darth Maul when the Separatists roamed the galaxy.

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