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Cienis Favand was a male Human Jedi Sentinel who served during the sixth and seventh centuries of the New Sith Wars.

As a Knight, Favand drifted away from the control of the Jedi High Council, feeling its focus on the war against the New Sith Empire broadly had led to neglect of the experiences and significance of individuals. He was appointed Jedi Watchman of the Circarpous sector, and remained there for the rest of his life, concentrating his protection on beings he could meet face-to-face. His dedication earned him the respect of many civilians on the sector's worlds, including Circarpous IV and Gyndine.

Though he usually ignored the summonses and other messages of the High Council, Favand kept his Jedi beacon transceiver, and so he received an Emergency Code Nine-Oh-Five directing all available Jedi to Gyndine to confront Darth Vandak. Though prepared to face Vandak himself if need be, Favand was pleased to see seven other Jedi respond to the call. He made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the Council, however, and was frustrated that the Jedi did not have enough time for a thorough ambush.

Favand counseled Lishedra Nakaana on how to best approach Vandak. When the battle erupted, he initially tried to clear civilians out of harm's way, but finally joined the duel himself after Vandak killed other Jedi, and briefly treated a maimed Elmir with a stim-shot. Though completely outmatched against Vandak's mastery, Favand fought on without hesitation, and ultimately died by placing himself between Vandak and Bekli; Vandak stabbed Favand under the chin and out the top of his head.


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