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Chronicles of Eternity
Sovereign Legacy
Author HubrisP
Installment 2
Date of publication
Prequel Countdown to Collapse
Sequel Eternal Dominion

Countdown to Collapse was the second prequel episode of the Sovereign Legacy series and the interlude between the first prequel and the main story that stretched on for almost fifteen years, a chronicle of stories that center on the rise of the Galactic Eternal Empire, introducing new and returning Characters as heads of their very own plot-lines.


The Byss Remnant Forces have gotten settled on the world of Lehon, and now with a small army of construction droids building a new City to replace the lost Capital City on Byss, many heroes seeking a new Empire get down to the business preserving the Empire's future.

Foundations - Circa. 12 ABY

A short story set where the young General Alden Krane lost much during the destruction of Byss, his parents and friends. Now charged with clearing out the tropical islands that have been designated from wildlife, he finds himself joined by a talented Imperial Agent acting as bodyguard to Lucian Aetius, and soon discovers he had been chosen to be molded towards a prominent role in the new Empire.


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