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Your powers are weak, old man.

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Chris was a male Mandalorian clone. He was second-in-command of the Clone Commander, Alpha's fleet.

When Alpha and renegade Jedi Knight, Nathaniel Kenobi, were off on a recon mission to the Ottiumigon homeworld of Ottiumigos Prime, in the Ottiumigos Centrality, he was left in charge of the Novus Kamino Prime fleet.

When Rabkca Krekk and his Yuuzhan Vong forces invaded the planet during the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime, he was responsible for preventing the planet's destruction.

Nathan's wife, Abigaile Jade, and her new Ryn "co-pilot", Amord, were helping in the defense of Novus Kamino Prime, she remembered that they had made a baradium missile and ordered Chris to shoot it at the place where she felt that the Yuuzhan Vong were receiving orders. The attack succeeded and Rabkca surrendered.


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