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Chodos Tome was a Jedi Padawan during the Resurrected Bane Wars.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

As a child, his force potential was discovered by Malee-a Danseer, and he was taken to the Jedi temple from his homeworld of Bespin. He showed great promise to Chrisalaas Martokanon during his youngling training, especially as a lightsaber duelist.

Malee-a Danseer eventually took him as a padawan at the age of 12, and led him on several adventures, including one where a Dark Jedi was ravaging a city. In the incredible battle that followed, Chodos single-handedly defeated the Dark Jedi with his green double-bladed lightsaber. He was already considered one of the best double-bladers in history.

The war of Bane Edit

When the Sith revealed themselves again for the first time in centuries, the Galactic Republic was caught unawares and off guard. Chodos was one of four sent to stop the Sith. As a general commanding the 439th Regiment of the Republic Army, he defended Ansion from Sith invasion. During combat on Kessel, Darth Kodom nearly killed him, but he managed to hold Kodom off.

In the last battle of the War, where the Jedi faced down the Sith one last time, he killed Darth Kodom with a masterful performance that resulted in Kodom losing his head. Darth Annialatis, however, proved a more powerful opponent. Annialatis cut off both of Chodos' arms, rendering him unable to fight.

Later life Edit

After the War of Bane, he was granted the title of Jedi Knight and he chose Adi Ma-tuul as his first Padawan.

Chodos would become a great Jedi Council member and one of the greatest recognized by the Republic.