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CHIJR KURDZEN was a Jedi KIGHT who fight in the clone wars and were great friends with Anakin Skywalker. he did survive order 66 he went in hiding to fuond a way to defeat the Empire eventer he found out that DEATH VADER was really Anakin Skywalker. He then decide that Anakin can be reform. he later went on the death star where he fight Darth Vader he than told him to go back to the light side but Darth Vader refuse eventer the empror came and short force lighting at him where Darth Vader cut off his leg clos to death the empror then deacd that he can turn him to the dark side when he woke up he found him self in a darkroom in suit then saw the emporo said that he can still use him as a loyal servent as he leaf the room the drouds went back to finsh him he then scarem and then became a loyal servent to the dark side

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