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"Didn't expect this place to be so densely habited. Well, lets get to work." -Meho Danka , talking to CT-1410 about theyre recent landing on the planet-

Chi Ceti IV was a tundra world located in the Outer Rim, in the Reach sector. The planet was home to the native Cetians and their government, Chicetian Coalition of Planets.


Chi Ceti IV was discovered in 55 BBY by the Galactic Republic when scouts travelled to the location and encountered the local population. The planets government, the Chicetian Coalition was officially a part of the Galactic Senate in 44 BBY. When the Clone Wars began , Republic Intelligence established a base on the planet when the CIS activity nearby was suspected to almost certaintly come for Chi Ceti IV , but , unfortunately for the Republic and theyre war effort, no CIS activity was confirmed in the system, and the base was left abandoned. After the end of the Clone Wars, and the formation of the Galactic Empire, the base was retaken by Imperial Forces. When the Rebel Alliance came to be, Chi Ceti IV joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, unfortunately, Admiral Pleskkin initiated Base Delta Zero on the planet, wiping out all life on the planet. After the formation of the New Republic, the charred body that the planet at the time was, was terraformed and colonized again , and the surviving Cetians made a new settlement on the planet, restoring the species to theyre former glory.

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