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We will fade once more. Into the shadows. Darth Bane's vision will be realized. There must only ever be a Master, and an Apprentice.
—Darth Frayd

Chi'la was a Dark Jedi and later known as the Sith Lord Darth Frayd in the Legacy Era.


Early life

Little is known about Chi'la's early years.


During her time as a Jedi, she discovered the lightsaber of the ancient Jedi Commander, Mikhail Keehl, although she replaced the lightsaber crystal inside it with a purple one.

In around 40 ABY, she discovered Sith holocrons, and learned from them. She later left the Jedi Order, and went into hiding. She reformed the Sith Order, using the Rule of Two, as she believed that it was the most successful version of the Sith.



Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

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