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Cheff (/t͡ʃɛf/) was a planet in the Unknown Regions and a member world of the Exoi Kritocracy, and later the Golden Empire. Unlike many of the Kritocracy's worlds, Cheff was previously uninhabited, and was colonized by Exoi from Toriafas. Over the centuries, it became an artistic and cultural capital, receiving works both from Exoi and alien species in the Kritocracy and setting many trends of high fashion and architecture.

Like most of the Kritocracy worlds, Cheff declined following the Kritocracy-Ascendancy War, though it managed to hold on to its wealth longer than many of its companion worlds. When the Governing Judges knelt to Rin Sakaros, dissolved the Kritocracy, and joined the Golden Empire in 155 ABY, Cheff joined as well. Many of the native Exoi who were familiar with their planet's history hoped that Cheff could become a regional competitor to Tyras, the Empire's artistic center.

At the end of 156 ABY, Lugubraa mercenaries attacked Cheff as an extension of the First Stratos Contention, but they were repulsed by the Royal Army, led by Breek Zagrev.

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