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Chatt Onakkit was a male Skakoan and official of the Techno Union during the first few weeks of the Clone Wars. He was killed y Ki-Adi-Mundi on Atairis-Deta after the failed Battle of Atairis.


Clone Wars

Battle of Atairis

Chatt Onakkit led his forces from a nearby system to the Atairis System in an attempt to subjugate the population of Atairis-Deta. Landing his forces several kilometres north of the city at dawn, he marched forward all day before stopping his forces before the wall and giving the city an ultimatum; surrender, or the droids will crush the city and everyone in it.

At dawn the next day, and having received no reply, Onakkit recommenced his attack on the city wall, quickly bringing it down. His forces then ascended the debris and began attacking the small band of defenders surrounding the gates into the city. Onakkit had no choice but to send his forces back.

At one point after the battle, Onakkit arrived on the scene personally. There, he found Jedi Knight Bolo Artel, who had assisted in the defence of the city and was knocked out, and ordered that h be dragged to Onakkit's ship beyond the city walls.

There, Onakkit proceeded to torture Artel for information. Upon asking him if there were any more Jedi in the system, Jedi Master starwars:Ki-Adi-Mundi arrived, slicing off his head with one deft stroke.


Onakkit's army still provoked a surrender from the city, even though the battle had been won. The Atairis System joined the Separatists and Onakkit, though dead, had achieved his objective.

Personality and traits

Chatt Onakkit was power-hungry, greedy and manipulative. He was also overconfident, arrogant and held his reputation in high esteem. That said, he was no coward, going onto the battlefield himself and not being afraid to interrogate the Jedi Bolo Artel himself.


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