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The Charros Convention was a historic meeting between the Sith League and the Hsskhor Syndicate, and marked the first recorded diplomatic encounter between two rising interstellar civilizations since the days of the Rakatan Empire and the Celestials.

Amid exploration of the eastern Outer and Mid Rims, the Sith League diplomatic fleet Reach of the Sith, assigned to explore and treat with whatever galactic civilizations could be found, randomly encountered a number of Trandoshan colonists on Charros whilst scouting Bimmisaari.

Made aware of the larger Hsskhor Syndicate, encompassing multiple systems in the inner Mid Rim, Sith League officials on Korriban gave the Reach of the Sith ambassadors permission to pursue diplomatic negotiations with the Trandoshans. Trandoshan and Sith diplomats met on the planet's surface to discuss a potential defensive alliance and trade terms.

Though tensions ran high as the Syndicate reinforced the world with Byager-class destroyers, the two powers reached an agreement. Trade rights were granted, a defensive alliance struck, and a demilitarized zone created along the O5-Q7 Denarii Nebula Diagonal. With the signing of the Charros Accord, the Reach of the Sith withdrew from Syndicate space to Centares.

In the years following the Convention, the otherwise arid world of Charros IV became a growing center of commerce in the region, due to its advantageous position midway between the Syndicate and the League. It served as a crossroads of sorts, at which traders from both civilizations would meet and exchange their goods and services.


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