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The Charon was the demonym to refer to individuals that formed the populace of the Charon Dominion. Originally, the term "Charon" referred to a species as opposed to a people, not unlike the evolution of the term "Sith", which changed from the referring to a species, to the inclusion of a group of people following a code of religious beliefs. Formerly a species from the world of Kathol, the Charr Ontee, they eventually degenerated into the Charon after a cataclysmic event known as the Great Collapse broke down the barrier between realspace and Otherspace. Stranded, the Charr Ontee eventually warped into the Charon though unknown means, and ultimately declared a catastrophic war against all life in their galaxy.

At some point during the Charon Civil War, the rediscovery of the galaxy had occurred, evidenced by the creation of the Hellmouth. By that time, the Charon had already taken subjugated and enslaved multiple species found to be of worth, addressed as "vassal races", to form other military foundations in their Zealot Caste. Small incursions, in which the Charon managed to pass from Otherspace to the galaxy, had enabled them to take and make into slaves several races of the realspace galaxy, including Humans. After centuries of failure in attacking the galaxy on the part of the original Charon species, including failing to secure a permanent method of passage between Otherspace and the galaxy, the Charon species enacted a species-wide ritual suicide, known as the Rite of Kenosis, which would catapult a new vassal race to take dominance. Composed of two aspects, in the Embrace, the Charon species gave their final command to their vassal races, which following their suicides, would begin the Ascent, the warring of the species to determine which was most fit to become the new dominant race to carry out the will of oblivion.

It was in this conflict that Humans ultimately arose as the superior species, with more Voidborn than any of the other vassal races. In their ascension, the descendants of the enslaved Humans took on the name of their former masters, becoming "the Charon". Because of this, it was typically the Humans that descended from the slaves abducted to Otherspace centuries before the Extant War that were usually referred to as Charon, due to being the leaders of the Charon Dominion. However, unlike the species, the title of Charon was applied to all who followed the creeds of the Void of Oblivion. The Charon thus because the name which would apply to all individuals who followed their namesake's ideals, philosophies and desires for oneness with the Void. By the time of the Extant War, approximately twelve different species made up the Charon people.

Known species of the CharonEdit