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Chapek IX was a human colonized planet during the Old Republic. It was a prosperous community which held much influence within the Republic during its time. It had a grand droid factory that produced hordes of different kinds of robots. Battle droids, astromech droids, protocol droids and many more were created here.

However, after many years the droids began to get aggravated. They would unite and surprisingly rebel against the humans, driving them all out of the planet and eliminating the world from the Republic. With a new robot-run world, a council of Robot Elders, comprised of the first created droids were placed in charge. They submitted a zero-tolerance policy on humans.

Eventually, the world would be liberated by a group of pirates. Though not the best of outcomes, it was still better than having a robot controlled world. The pirates gained control of the planet and the droids by bringing in supplies that the droids would have needed to survive any longer. Following a war in which the droids were almost all destroyed and the pirates were defeated, the planet was returned to the Republic. It would never return to the way it was before, but it has a history of a very important planet.


Pre-Droid Rebellion

During the early days of Chapek IX, the planet was a civilized and well renowned one. The people on the planet did their best to get a good reputation, doing charity work to help the few less fortunate people on the planet and keeping watch over the lakes and forests. This formed a very generous community, one which was rarely rivaled across the galaxy.

The planet was run by a human named David Xavier Cohen, who was the first and greatest president. Under Cohen, Chapek IX prospered enormously, their one city flourished with wealth and mounds of people were going to start new lives on the planet. He set up police foundations and hospitals as his first order of business and then attempted to get in good order with the Republic. He was able to get into the Senate, but that alone was not good enough for him.

When word came that the Republic was in need of a sizable army, Cohen jumped at the opportunity to get more favor. He called for the construction of a large droid manufacturing facility to create a droid army for the Republic's upcoming war. This would turn out to be the one blemish on the fantastic reign of Cohen, as the creation of the facility would be his undoing.


David Xavier Cohen

Droids of all kinds began being pumped out of the factory at an astounding pace. It was this maneuver that put Chapek IX on the map, as it had amassed one of the most powerful armies to date, and it had yet to turn it over to the Republic. There began to be talk of a rebellion, the planet against the entire Republic, and it did not seem too crazy to expect that. But Cohen was loyal, but his droids weren't.

Droid Rebellion

As it turned out, there was a rather large malfunction in the droid manufacturing facility, one that was not noticed by the designers. They somehow managed to have the droids have a craving for power, to get to the top and take out anyone in their way. They were smarter than the average droid and waited until their opportune time to strike.

This time came when Cohen died of old age. At the time of his death he was celebrated as a hero, a person who had helped advance Chapek IX farther than anyone else could. People would later see him as a death bringer, for his machines would nearly destroy the entire planet.

The person to replace Cohen was the much less charismatic and powerful Matheiu Greyning. He was an Arkanian and one of the few ones on the world. As such, the community voted him in, though rarely if ever listened to him. The droids knew that this would be their only opportunity to strike. With a weak leader and an angry population, the planet would be theirs for the taking.

That it was. The droids swept through the streets of Karel behind the prowess of the five leaders, the self-proclaimed Robot Elders. 3L-5318, HK-59, K-3PX, R3D-M4X and K4-7. 3L was the general, leading the droid troops through the city and organizing them so that the militia could not stop them. HK-59 led a team of snipers, picking off important figures, including Greyning. 3PX masqueraded as a protocol droid to get into people's homes and separate families. Red Max sliced the militia's turrets to attack friendly targets, which gave the home side no machines helping them. Finally, K4-7 scouted ahead of the battle and reported back to 3L with his findings.

Within hours, the droids had taken over the main city and killed over half the population. The survivors managed to escape to Coruscant, where they told the Republic what had happened. The Republic would then abandon the planet, seeing it as a lost cause. The droids meanwhile, kept Karel intact, changing what the buildings were being used for and upping the power in the droid assembly factory. The droids also changed the landscape to something that they found more suitable. They cut down all of the forests on the world and constructed a massive pump which sucked all the water off the planet, with the exception of Black Lake.


A portion of the droids' take over

Now, under the leadership of the Robot Elders, the planet began a new era. They had one of the most fearsome armies imaginable. Nobody would harm them or even approach them for many years, until a group of pirates got lost.

Pirate Control

Bilst Wely, D1-Bondor and Katal Segey were on their routine smuggling ring, paying for some and stealing for a lot. Their main concern this time was oil. The prices were uncharacteristically high, considering the lack of need for oil. The reason behind this was that the Republic momentarily needed the oil to keep their new droid army working, however they did not lower the price after learning of the rebellion.

Luckily for the pirate group, they got completely lost going from one station to the next and had to crash land with a ship full of oil on Chapek IX. By this point, the droids were nearly breaking down because of a lack of oil. They could not move, their joints were rusting and they were in desperate need of anything to help them.

When the pirates brought the droids their oil, they were greeted as heroes. They were finally able to function properly again, thanks to the people that they had thought to be their enemies. The droids now completely allied themselves to these pirates and began speaking of a mutiny against the Robot Elders, who were thought as corrupt for condemning the one thing that could save them.


Emperor Bilst Wely

During the night, a large group of droids, under the order of new emperor Bilst Wely, proceeded to the Robot Elders' sanctuary and burned it to the ground. The Elders did not go down with the fire though, their casings simply got burnt. A short fight ensued between the rioters and the Elders, which resulted in the Elders being destroyed. Bilst Wely and his small group of pirates now had complete control of the planet and had eyes for moving elsewhere too.

The Republic Reaction

The pirate rule over the world would last for many years before the Republic took action. Their only reason for stepping in at this time, as opposed to the droids having the planet alone, was that they knew the pirates would try to attack them. The pirates had somehow gained complete control over the droids and were planning to use them in an attack against the Republic home world of Coruscant. However, before they could accomplish this goal, they needed more.

Bilst Wely, the pirate emperor of the planet, quickly became involved in talks with bounty hunters, Hutts and the leaders of the Exchange. Though no bounty hunters or Hutts were willing to lay their lives on the line for an operation that would likely fail. The Exchange however, and more importantly their leader Conrad Wong, knew the chances were better with the amazingly large droid army on their side, as well as the forces of the Exchange. An alliance was made between the pirates and the Exchange to combine their forces in hopes of destroying the Republic.

When the Republic caught wind of this alliance, everything went haywire. The armies started assembling quicker than they ever had and many more ships were being created on Mon Calamari and Kuat. All of the top generals were in place and ready to lead the fleet to Chapek IX. Meanwhile, the Exchange and the pirates were mass assembling their forces, with more and more droids being pumped out of the factory per minute. Though they did not know that the Republic was about to engage an all out assault on the world, they were lucky enough to be placing all their forces on the planet, able to defend.

When the Republic arrived, the general of the entire force opened a comlink message to Bilst Wely. Bilst was clearly shocked to see that the Republic had arrived, though kept his cool and openly declared war on the Republic. Without second thought, the Republic general sent his troops down to the planet and began the assault on Karel. The Republic forces were not prepared with what they were about to face, as a battalion of droids met them head on in a wide valley; their numbers nearly doubling the Republic's. The Republic forces were much better trained and took cover behind anything they could, including their own ships, which made for a leveled playing field.


The orbital bombardment of Chapek IX

While the battle on the ground was taking place, the legion of ships waiting outside the atmosphere did nothing under the command of the general. However, Bilst Wely and Conrad Wong eventually took a ship up to meet the Republic head on and went into combat with the general, two on one. It would seem that neither men were great duelists, though together they were able to overwhelm the general and take his life. What they didn't plan for was the rest of the Republic forces on the bridge to immediately kill them with blaster fire afterwards.

The forces on the ground for the Republic were beginning to get overwhelmed by the droids, as the numbers eventually became too much for them. The interim general of the Republic made a tough decision and fired down with all of his ships to the center of the battlefield, destroying nearly all forces, friend and foe.

The aftermath of the battle left very much to be desired. Republic numbers had been massacred, the planet now had a large crater outside its major city and the longest serving general had been killed. However, it was still considered a victory and the Republic began repopulating the planet quickly. They also reversed the water pump, filling the lakes and oceans back up and began planting vegetation, to make the planet livable once again.

Flora and Fauna

The fauna on Chapek IX was the only thing to stay constant during all four of the planet's eras. This is due to the amount, or lack there of, of fauna on the planet. The only fauna on the planet was not useful to either the droids or the living population, and as such they were always left alone.

The planet was populated by a numerous amount of small birds. These birds were peculiar in that they only appeared during the time of someone's death. What was stranger, was that they seemed to have no natural habitat, as they could not be found anywhere else on the planet until a death. There are also fish and amphibians living on the planet, though they all migrated to the Black Lake after the droids sucked the water out of the rest of the lakes. There is one mammal other than the living population, named the Chapekan Mammoth. It is often hunted for fun due to its strange regenerative capabilities.


A Chapekan Mammoth

Early on during the history of the planet, there were vast rain forests of nearly any kind of plant and the benefits that these things brought. However, once the droids took over, there were three kinds of flora on the planet. There were tube like trees, at the most ten feet tall. These trees had four sections normally, separated by small disks and could be colored purple or orange. There was a fungi, much like a mushroom, made of yellowish disks and thin collars stacked on top of each other. Small green triangular bushes were also present. After the Republic reoccupied, they focused on restoring the world to its former beauty and eventually succeeded.

Changing Landscape

During the early years of the planet, it was densely covered with forest over most of the land and that majority of the planet was of lakes and oceans. The one exception to this was the only city at the time, Karel, which was home to every citizen on the planet and every place that one would need to be. Karel also held the droid manufacturing factory.

After the droid rebellion, the droids began to drastically change the landscape of Chapek IX world wide. They seemed to want nothing to do with anything that had to do with their former masters and as such, they began a global destruction of nearly everything they could find. Their first order of business was to destroy all of the forests, leaving only small, minuscule plants that had no bearing on anything. They were also somehow able to create a massive pump from old, discarded droids and used it to suck the water out of all the lakes and oceans. They did however, leave the Black Lake as it was, since it was the only thing of use to them anymore.

The pirates who took over Chapek IX had very little concern for the well being of the planet. They planned to leave everything as is and simply control the massive amounts of droids, in league with the Exchange, and strike at the Republic. They were so caught up in their own agenda that they did not realize the planet was nearly decaying right under their own feet.

The return of the Republic was the greatest thing to happen to the world in the grand scheme of things. Though they devastated some regions of the planet with their aerial bombardments, the constructive work that they did to help more than made up for that one small flaw. They managed to reverse the pump that the droids had created and restore the lakes and oceans to their former glory by putting all the water back into it. They also immediately began replanting trees and other plants in hopes of restoring the forests to make sure that the planet stayed intact.

Important Areas

Karel was the capital city of Chapek IX and the main hub for any economic activity. Stores, hangars, homes, nearly any structure that could be thought of was mainly located in the capital. Karel was nearly ten times larger than any other city on the planet with a population ratio even greater. Over the four defined periods of time on Chapek IX, the city went through many restructurings. The first and last were nearly identical, as both were Republic run with an embassy and many things to fit sentient needs. When the droids took over, the city became a near wasteland. Every store was deserted, there was no off world activity to speak of and the only thing remaining intact was the droid manufacturing factory, now run by droids. During the pirate "invasion" the only major change was the reopening of the Republic embassy, though this time as a center for Exchange business.

The Black Lake was the only remaining lake after the droids took over the planet and it stayed that way for the rest of the planet's history. The only reason that the droids left the lake as it was for its mysterious properties. The living population before the droids took over could use the lake as a source of refreshment, even though it seemed to have chemicals and other molecules in it that could be harmful to them, though never was. These chemicals would later prove to strengthen the droids and is what kept them running the entire time, even though the water in the lake should have rusted them. A proposal was made by Shisst, the first President, to drain the lake due to the dangerous capabilities of the water should any other droids take over. This was shot down and Shisst was accused of conspiracy of wanting to bring back the droid population.


The Black Lake

The Droid Manufacturing Factory on Chapek IX was possibly one of the most controversial decisions made in the history of the planet. The factory was created as a means of combat to assist the Republic should any war ever occur, though some flaw within the machines' programming caused them to have ambitions of their own and they soon took over the planet. Following the Republic reoccupation, the droid factory was shut down and turned into a historical site for tours only. It would never be reopened for operation due to the Republic's concern about the planet's ability to make fully functioning droids.

The Crater of Lost Souls was the final battle point in the War of Chapek IX. The Republic forces were losing ground against the Exchange, pirates and the droid army, causing them to sacrifice their own men in order to wipe out all the droid, pirate and Exchange forces. With a numerous amount of capital ships in orbit, the Republic let them all fire down on the center of the last battle, destroying all but a few droids and pirates and nearly all their own forces. What resulted was a large crater, filled with scrap metal and a few bones, though most of it was obliterated completely in the blast. Stories tell that sometimes at night, the screams of the Republic soldiers can be heard in the distance, alongside a maniacal laugh of a Republic commander.


Early Republic

During the early years of Chapek IX, the planet was ruled peacefully in a democratic way. They held elections to determine the man who would be the leader of the planet. Due to the small population, only one leader was needed to take care of the whole planet rather than divide the planet into provinces and continents. This leader was known as the President. He would have the task of handling the day-to-day affairs of the planet, as well as setting up a committee of people underneath him to look after other things such as economics and offworld affairs.

The first President of Chapek IX was a human male by the name of David Xavier Cohen. He was the most successful leader of the planet and the only mistake that he made during his abnormally long tenure was creating the droid creation plants to assist in a Republic war. He would lead the planet to its most prosperous time and sustain that period for his entire 50 year reign and be succeeded by a forgotten man who did not live up to Cohen's hype.

The only other mentionable President after Cohen was an Arkanian named Matheiu Greyning. He was a much more physical leader than Cohen and would pump out far too many droids from the factory, as well as improve them far too much, even though the wars had passed. It was his mistake which would turn the planet into a droid controlled planet.

Droid Rebellion

The human threat is just a diversion of our real problem. A corrupt group of Robot Elders.
—Lead Elder 3L-5318

Lead Elder 3L-5318

After the rebellion of the droids, the entire foundation of Chapek IX's government changed drastically. Without the presence of any living person on the planet, the droids quickly made up their own laws and ways of running things. The main change was that no humanoid would ever be allowed on the planet, punishable by death. The planet was now run by a group of droids who called themselves the Robot Elders.

Since droids do not age, the select few in the Robot Elders rarely changed. They began with the five droids who had started the rebellion as it was thought that they were the wisest. The first five droids in the Robot Elders were all rather different in their own ways. 3L-5318 was a normal droid with a self given title with no apparent reason behind it. HK-59 was an assassin droid with the ability to kill almost anything it wanted. K-3PX was a protocol droid turned deadly killing machine. R3D-M4X, or Red Max, was a slicer droid who was adept in anything to do with computers. Finally, K4-7, or Kal, was an espionage droid adept at finding things and utilized heavily to find humanoids on the planet.

Pirate Invasion

A guy comes to the planet and is immediately the Emperor... What's so wrong with that?
—Bilst Wely

When the small group of pirates were able to take over the planet by making a delivery to the droids, the government changed yet again. The Robot Elders were ditched, as their vaunted wisdom proved to be nothing as the humanoids actually helped, not harmed, the droid population. Due to that fact, the droids on the planet willingly went under the control of humanoids once again after proclaiming the lesser pirate, Bilst Wely, the Emperor.

The other people that were on the one pirate ship also joined in this new government. D1-Bondor, a droid designed for bending things and Bilst's best friend, was appointed the Emperor's hand. Katal Segey, a changeling and pilot of the ship, was named the Emperor's hand's hand, really just a joke title to make her feel bad. These three rulers would stay on until their campaign was over and crushed by the Republic.

Republic Return

After the large battle on the planet which resulted in a Republic victory, the Republic retook control of the planet. With that change, the government yet again changed, this time reforming back to the original ways. Democracy once again ruled the planet, the same way that most Republic worlds were run. However, the planet was now watched closely to ensure that nothing more would go on and the President had very little power anymore.

The first and only president during this era of the planet was the Quarren Shisst. His reign was very unpopular because the common stereotypes about Quarrens were always rising up. Residents of the planet assumed that he was stealing their money and running dangerous business with the Exchange. The Republic eventually caught word that Shisst was starting up the droid factory again to start a rebellion against them one more time. None of this was true, but it was enough to change the government once again.

The Republic forcefully removed Shisst from the President position and rumor had it that he was executed for crimes he did not commit. Chapek IX was now under the rule of a Republic ambassador, a rule that would never change. When one died, another would come, and the planet would cease to ever have an existing government for the rest of its time.

Culture and Society

Much like the government and landscape, the culture and societ of Chapek IX changed greatly over the four defining periods of the planet. In the beginning with the Republic the people on the planet were some of the most generous in the galaxy; donating money to the needy or the Republic and helping those who were in need of it across the planet. There were very few criminals on the planet and those that were found were shipped off planet to Coruscant to keep the good reputation of the planet alive.

The people were divided into two different populaces. One half were industrialists and the other were agriculturalists. The resources churned out by both of these groups were handed off to the Republic to aid them whenever they needed it, though some of the left overs were used to create more housing and industries, such as the droid manufacturing facility.

When the droids rebelled, they completely over turned the past government and with it adopted a new style of life. They would go on daily human hunts, trying to find any human or other sentient being they could to eliminate them from the planet. They believed that the planet was better served with only the droids there to take care of it. The droids also rid of every morsel of agriculturalism on the planet and left the open ground to rot. Needless to say, they did not work hard at all.

Once the pirates took over, very little changed. The pirates simply revelled in their own glory and watched as the droids continued on with their business of hunting down sentients. A few droids were stationed in the droid manufacturing facility, attempting to construct more droids for a bigger army to take over the galaxy, but this would be shut down quickly by the Republic.

The rearrival of the Republic brought with it the grand familiarity that was the original culture of the planet. The bad people were thrown out, a good government was set up, agriculturism and industrialism started up again and the reputation for being a wealthy community again rose throughout the galaxy.

Behind the scenes

  • Chapek IX is the first planet created by Steve Young.
  • Chapek IX was a planet featured on the television show; Futurama. In the show, the planet was taken over by robots and ruled by robots until the crew of the Planet Express Ship brought the robots lugnuts, which they desperately needed. The same basic story is kept, though it has been altered and expanded upon to fit Star Wars.
  • In honour of Futurama, the names of head writers David S. Cohen and Matt Groening were used as inspiration. The two notable presidents, David Xavier Cohen and Matheiu Greyning, were named after them.
  • Likewise, the names of voice actors Billy West, John Di Maggio and Katey Segal were also used. West and Segal's names were just mixed around to form Bilst Wely and Katal Segey. Di Maggio's middle name was used as the starting initials in a droid name, followed by an altered version of his character's name, Bender.
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