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The Chancellor's Press Corps was a body of reporters and associated media personnel that worked the largest pan-planetary media organizations whose sole duty was to report on matters concerning the Office of the Supreme Chancellor, the chancellor's advisors, and other executive positions. They were summoned for press conferences and met with individually to leak information. The size of the press corps varied from 65 to 80, depending upon the administration involved. Each reporter had a small office the floor beneath the main press room, but the members were often found all around the building. Members of the press corps were organized into rows, with the further front being regarded as most respected. The chancellor had the ability to promote or demote based upon ratings, reach, and respect. Demoting or promoting an individual based upon types of questions was generally considered of ill-faith. Being able to ask the first question from the corps was considered an action of high regard, as well. Two of the members during the term of Anwis Eddicus included the Rodian Gaben Dtu'um and the Perlemian-speaking Qur Xaxxax.


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