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The Chancellor's Impeachment Trial, a.k.a. Chancellor Orasco's Impeachment Hearing, was an event that included Chancellor Orasco, the Galactic Republic's Supreme Chancellor. Orasco was impeached and tried by the Republic Courts in 20 BBY, shortly after his arrest the previous year. He was tried on counts of treason, two charges of conspiracy, one for criminal conspiracy and one for political conspiracy, against the Republic, and benefit fraud, among the many other criminal charges. Senators Kinaya Madrid, Kellen Varundle, and Magnum Rockwater led the prosecution after the Department of Senate Integrity, which they were part of, found incriminating evidence against the Chancellor. Almost all of the evidence was falsely planted by Madrid. The Jedi suspected that it was a set up, but could not bring forth proof.

The first day of the hearing had the testimonies of Kinaya Madrid, Royce McHarenberg and several of Orasco's assistants and employees.

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