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Chad Kolina was a male Mon Calamari member of the Kolina and Nanostarter-Cosmicslash family. He was also the husband of Darth Ashara and the father of Talon Nanostarter. After the deaths of his wife and daughter, he went to Ryloth to say sorry about what his wife and daughter had done to them. The Nanostarter's was surprised that he was not angry with them. So, they welcomed the Mon Calamari into their home and family.


Life with Angry Ones

When Chad Kolina had met his wife, Ashara Nanostarter, she was on Mon Cala for a mission. There was a Civil War between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren and Kolina was a General in the war. When Ashara was helping Kolina and his men fend off the Quarrenn, they had both fallen in love with each other. But since it was forbidden love, they had to keep it a secret. When it was time for Ashara to return back to the Jedi Temple, they continued to see each other, making places for a secret rendezvous. But when Ashara had left the temple and went to into exile, Chad had went looking for her but couldn't find her. But one year later, she came to him at his home on Mon Cala. There they got married and for a while Ashara had stayed with Chad, but left for 7 years to attack the Jedi. Ashara would come visit a few months at a time and then leave again. But during one of her last visits she became pregnant but still left to face her kin. But she came back almost dead but had already given birth to Kolina's child on Dathomir. But a day later, she died, but before she died she told him that their daughter was with the Nightsisters on Dathomir. After burying Ashara, Chad had left for Dathomir to get his daughter. When he got their, a Nightsister clan leader had came to greet him and give him his new daughter, Talon, and Kolina left.

Talon had known who had killed her mother and was planning to get revenge, but her father would always to talk her out of it. Almost every time he tried to talk her out of revenge she would either yell at him or hit him saying:"You will NOT tell ME what and what not to do, especially when it's about getting mom's revenge!" One time she had gotten so mad at him she broke one rib and an arm. So, after that he stopped trying to talk her out of it.

Daughter's last goodbye

When Talon had turned 18, she was going to leave for Ryloth to kill her Great-Grandmother, Breea Nanostarter, he tried to talk her out of it again. But this time instead of a yell or a hit, she said:"Don't worry, I'll come back. And...I love you." They said their last goodbyes to each other and Talon left. While Kolina was waiting for his daughter to return, he got the news that she had been killed. So, he left for Ryloth. When he got there he said sorry to the Nanostarter-Cosmicslash family because of the pain that his wife and daughter had caused and casted on to them. After he said why he was sorry Ackbar Cosmicslash, the near to death co-creator of the clan, had welcomed him into their home and family.


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