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He came from a planet with almost no human life, to this chaotically more advanced world in the blink of an eye, and already he shows promise of adaptation within such short time... This boy is nothing short of something special.
—Thes Morin


Your powers are weak, old man.

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Ceryss Daggoth
Biographical information



45 BBY

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color

Pale Blue

Skin color


Blood type


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era


Jedi Order, Gray Jedi Order


Jedi Knight, Gray Jedi Master, Water Sage

Known masters

Thes Morin, Genya Telsh

Known apprentices

Arcturus Vermillion


Damaera Daggoth [Darth Julius] (Oldest Known Ancestor)

Baeru Anubin Daggoth (Great Grandmother)

Cerone Vih'Torr Eldin (Great Grandfather)

Minorous Vih'Torr Daggoth (Grandmother)

Aramus Rourke (Grandfather)

Elitha Vih'Torr Daggoth (Temporary Caretaker)

Ceryss Daggoth was a Gray Jedi  who was revered among the order as one of their best warriors. He grew up alone in a home on a densely wooded planet outside of republic light. During that time he spent most of his time dismantling old electronics and abandoned vehicles, and creating new inventions and trinkets, sometimes selling them for profit, and hunting the nearby wildlife for food and sustenance. The planet is virtually devoid of sentient life, save for a few select villiages spread across the planet scarcely, and the wildlife which composes most of the life on the planet. During a hunting trip into the deeper parts of the wood near his home, he stumbled across a freighter for goods. It travels planet to planet trading and distributing food and other resources. It was bountiful for a teenage hunter. However, he was trapped and soon realized that it was being used by a group of bandits who were traveling between planets, hoarding goods. They imprisoned him and dragged him along with them back to their home-base on Malastare, where he stayed as a slave, working for them, selling and trading rebuilt equipment, weapons and the lot. He was freed 3 years later by a Jedi Master named Thes Morin. From there, he was trained at Coruscant, and later rose to the level of a Jedi Knight. He and Thes, together prevented many disasters, and were present at the Battle of Geonosis. Later, after the battle of geonosis, Thes betrayed the Jedi and abandoned Coruscant to seek out a Sith Lord whom he previously had relations with. During his master's absence, which the Jedi Council was still unware of, Ceryss pursued him frantically for two years, eventually discovering his location on Felucia, and followed him there. Upon finding him, Thes cut him down and left him to die. A day or so passed and Ceryss was rescued by a Gray Jedi named Genya Telsh. She brought Ceryss back with her to Zonama Sekot, where she then trained him to the level of a Gray Jedi Master. He took on an apprentice named Arcturus Vermillion, and continues to train him. He retains the title of Silver. A few years later, Ceryss rose to the level of a Water Sage, and seated himself within the Council of Balance, and remained one of their strongest warriors.

Personal Information


Ceryss rarely showed his face after becoming a Gray Jedi, but before he adorned the gray cloak, he had long, thick black hair that reached to the center of his back, and pale, haunting blue eyes. His skin was very light, almost transleucent in tone. Under his robes, he wore a plated armor; Chest, Guantlets and Greaves made entirely from Beskar, and Phrik, under a stylish black cloth garment. His gauntlets and greaves were wrapped in leather bands, worn from battle and tattered. 


There is no Dark Side, nor is there a Light Side. There are no Sith, nor are there Jedi. There is only the Force. There is only The strong, The weak, The working, The influential. The strong feel powerful, and safe-guard the weak. The influential feel prideful, and inspire the weak. The working feel honorable, and teach the weak to grow. Those who can, do. Those who cannot, try. Those who did, teach those who cannot, to do. Those who will not, watch those who will in envious gaze. This is my understanding of the living force. This is my Gray Jedi Motto.
—Ceryss Daggoth

Ceryss, when he was first brought to Coruscant, was bull-headed, and agressive. He had little concept of patience, and lacked severely in temper management. In most cases, during his training he would become frustrated easily, and often give up for the day when faced with enough trouble. This seems to be a stem from the lack of parental influence in his life. Ceryss was capable of speech and survival, and basic human instinct, and since he did not have parents nor an environment to teach him how to function within a society of more intelligent beings, he has no comprehension of cultural norms and self-control. Luckily, Thes managed to cool his head and help him grasp the concepts needed for him to learn effectively. During his years as a Padawan Learner, he was still stubborn and often neglected to take efficient care on missions. Skilled as he was with a saber and capable as he was with the force he had much to learn about patience and temperament of his ambition. He often-times would make misguided decisions regarding their next move, and sometimes cost them valuable time in missions that could have been better spent. However he never gave up and one of his biggest attributes was his determination, and his conviction. When Ceryss finally had reached the level of a Jedi Knight, he had fully grasped the concepts and self control he needed. He had become enlightened to a point and was capable of many great things if put to the task with the right mindset. He still had some things to work on, mainly pertaining to his lack of emotional content (particularly within sympathy, empathy and compassion). 

From Teidowan to Gray rank in the Gray Jedi Order, he had little understanding of their idea of the living Force. He spent a considerable amount of his training pondering and honing his understanding of it, contemplating both the dark and the light side of the force. His master Genya was one of the order's best swordsmen and one of the most enlightened Masters. Soon he began to understand the force a little better in the light which the Gray Order resides. He began to piece together his own understanding, so he may better connect with and feel the Force within himself. Upon becoming a Koawan, Genya began taking him out with her on many missions, where he gathered skill juxtapose to knowledge, as well as experience. His battles took him everywhere from Mustafar and Endor, to Hoth and Corellia. He served as a bodyguard, a soldier, and even a diplomatic defender alongside Genya for years, actually refusing to accept the rank of Silver until he himself was sure he was ready, and made quite a name for himself. Genya was impressed by his improvement, especially within his use of the force, which was advancing very quickly. He eventually rose to the rank of Silver after about 4 years of training and enlightenment, and began to take on many missions alone in stride. His understanding of the Force had grown exponentially and he had conceived his own perspective on the living force, Power, Strength, Influence, Resolve, Jedi and Sith. This had surprised the Masters, who even themselves were not fully even capable of creating their own perspective of these things and instead coming to the same conclusion as their brothers. Ceryss slew Sith Lords, Corrupt Jedi and Democrats alike. He was known to his enemies as a force of silent demise, known to the people as a man whose wisdom knew no bounds. Beyond his status of a Silver, he grew to be a very wise and mentally extraordinary man. He eventually became a Nexu Master, and grew his levels of the understanding to new heights, and trained them profusely and never stopped.

Family Tree

Listen closely, child... In the coming years, you will adapt to this environment... Then when the time comes, you will leave this planet and you will find me. Whether by your choice or by mine, or by the will of the force itself, we will find each other again. And you will take me down, or I will take you down. I sense great strength in you, and you will not fail me.
—Thes Morin to a young Ceryss Daggoth

Damaera Daggoth [Darth Julius]: His oldest ancestor was a Sith Lord, who reigned under his master as one of the most powerful and overwhelming Sith Lords in the times before the Empire. He slaughtered thousands, becoming a tyrant of undeniable strength. Many feared him in the galaxy and none were ever left standing to tell the story of him. Even his master was fearful of the kind of power he had bestowed upon his apprentice. Damaera eventually defected from his master's side, and hid himself away for years. Damaera bore a child with an unknown Jedi woman who he had taken in as a captive and servant. He eventually perished to his master, as well as having killed his master at the same time. The name of the Woman was never mentioned, but her body was found with her lightsaber intact, indicating her status. It is believed she died after having a daughter.

Baeru Anubin Daggoth (Great Grandmother) // Cerone Vih'Torr Eldin (Great Grandfather): Baeru was born from a servant and captive mother who died shortly after giving birth. Baeru was left unattended for nearly a full day before a young man discovered her and her mother's body near the outskirts of an old city. He took the baby, and her mother's Saber and brought them both back to his home, where his spouse and 4 year old daughter lived. From there, she was raised by them as Baeru Anubin, having no name or family to go by, and she grew up happily and healthily. She was force sensitive, discovering so when she started realizing that she could sometimes displace objects when she was upset, once even creating a small shockwave during a very bad day. There was a Jedi Master named Cerone Vih'Torr Eldin, who resided in this same city who felt her presence the minute she was brought into the city, and had been watching her as she grew. He took her in and instructed her on the ways of the Force, training her how to wield a Lightsaber, and became her guardian. They eventually left the planet together in search of her master's old friend. When they found him, he was long since deceased. This disappointed Cerone but regardless they continued traveling together for years. Baeru became a powerful Jedi, perhaps stronger than her master, even. Eventually they managed to uncover her past, about her mother, through countless months of digging. When it had been revealed to Baeru that her father was a powerful Sith Lord, and her Mother was his slave and captive, her life was impacted greatly. She began to question her relationship with the Force, fearful that her father's blood would taint her connection and turn her to the dark side of the force unwillingly. Cerone assured her that he would not let that happen, no matter what it took. Their relationship took flight quickly after that. She had fallen in love with Cerone, admiring his strength and guidance, his ambition and more importantly his protection. Her infatuation grew exponentially after this discovery. Cerone admittedly had felt greatly about her himself, believing that they should have no reason to fear being together, and a few years later, Baeru bore a daughter.

Minorous Vih'Torr Daggoth (Grandmother) // Aramus Rourke (Grandfather): The daughter of Baeru and Cerone was powerful even on the day she was born. She was born with an innate control over the Force, which was stupendously uncommon. The moment she discovered she could move things with the Force she began using it very often and tried her best to discover new ways to use her power. Her parents were both powerful force users, and helped her to better understand her gift. Upon turning 11, she was able to lift rather large objects and was able to push things with considerable momentum. At one point, another child was bullying her and she accidently threw him into a wall in an uncontrolled spurt of strength. She was not skilled with a lightsaber, but her connection with the force rivaled that of some masters at the age of only 14. She spent most of her spare time honing her skills with the force, training with her mother and father constantly. She had fallen in love with her abilities and to some extent considered them something she wouldn't want to live without. Much like her Grandson, she loved to gather knowledge and she spent a copious amount of time traveling the galaxy in search of new things to learn. Either new creatures, new languages, vegitation, animals, she even brought together an entire school dedicated to studying the universe in its entirety, which catered specifically to children who were abandoned, or who did not have parents to help them survive. They taught them all manner of things, including survival skills, botany, the like. She was also in several battles alongside the Jedi, fighting against the droid army. She married to a man named Aramus Rourke, a normal man who was infatuated with her leadership skills, her strength and her conviction. He helped her create her school in theory and in the flesh, and was there to help her when she needed it the most. They had a daughter together a few years later.

Elitha Vih'Torr Daggoth (Temporary Caretaker): Elitha was born force sensitive much like her mother and father, however, she discovered it during her early childhood, and her parents quickly masked it from her for most of her life, in an apparent attempt to prevent her from becoming invested in the war they had been continuously battling with the Separatists for several years. Elitha went on to become a well-known teacher of anthropology and animal life studies amongst the school her family was comprised upon, even having traveled to many other planets on expiditions with her students to teach them many new things, contacted several times by other, much larger institutions. She declined, stating only that she desired to remain on her home planet until she felt the time was right to finally leave, perhaps when her mother and father finally passed. That day unfortunately came much sooner than she anticipated, on the day she turned 24. The school was decimated by Separatist forces, burned and charred, blown to bits by the droid armies, her parents left in the smoldering ruin. Elitha had recieved the news from the local Journalists, and immediately set out to the school, to find it in the exact same condition as was described. She came upon her parents bodies and began to sob without restraint. After some time passed she managed to regain composure. Two battle-droids had been sent back to make sure their job was done, and came across Elitha at the wrong time. She did not even need to look at them, and both of them crashed into one another and then correspondingly into the wall behind them. Without realizing it she then proceeded to crush them, repeatedly, without so much as a wave of her hand. By the time she had finished they were crushed into flat, scraps of metal, and she had passed out. When she had awoken, she found herself in an infirmary, accompanied by two of her friends, Harper and Alora.

Alora explained to her that they had found her within the ruins of the institution, beside her parents' bodies, and she and Harper carried them out and to the infirmary. Elitha was reminded that both of her parents had died and her heart ached yet again. Harper was unable to avoid saying that he felt very sorry for her, but that sometimes things happen that are simply unavoidable. Elitha nodded and clearly understood such things. Apparently the Jedi Council on Coruscant was aware of her presence and had been watching her for some time, due to her high midichlorian count, which was abnormal for any typical human being, meaning she was extremely force sensitive, to a substantial level. Sabot noted that she saw what was left of the droids who stumbled upon Elitha and was slightly terrified by the sight. Soon after, a Jedi Master named T'licl Xilaren, a Twi'lek man, was sent to recover Elitha. T'licl explained to her that he intended to train her in using her abilities, like her mother, whom he was acquainted with on more than one occasion during her occupency in the war. Elitha was taken to Coruscant to speak with the Jedi Council about her person and how long she had known she was force-sensitive, to which she explained that during the process, she did not even realize that she had used the force when she destroyed the battle-droids, she must have done it subconsciously due to the trauma she had experienced prior. T'licl told Elitha to remain outside while he expained to Jedi Master Yoda that he was well-acquainted with Elitha's mother, who had substantial impact on the outcomes of many battles in the war, and that he wanted to train Elitha to better use her powers productively as not to fall into the wrong hands unknowingly. Yoda declined, however, his request to take her on as an apprentice, stating that while she is very force sensitive, he could sense that she is in control of her power and self, that she would not need someone to guide her away from the wrong people.

T'licl and Elitha departed from the Council's presence, afterwards T'licl explained to Elitha his plans. He told her that he never truly intended to accept Yoda's decision not to let him train her, as he already knew he would say no, because she is far too old. He planned to take her away to a planet in the furthest reaches of the galaxy; a densely wooded planet with few human inhabitants, where a single Jedi Knight resides, who bears no name, but his blade and legend survive nonetheless as a symbol of his existence. He claimed that he and this Knight had a past that spanned many long years together, and that he was going to leave her in his care to train her in the ways of a Jedi. Elitha was reluctant but, she also desired to be able to avenge her parents. After a long journey to the planet, she was met by the Jedi, who greeted them both with a warm smile and a strong voice. He appeared older than 40, but he was extremely healthy, and taller than even T'licl, who stands at 6'9", the Jedi standing at 6'11". T'licl informed Elitha that he refered to the Jedi as Thes Morin. He and T'licl converse for some time back at his home, where Elitha cozied up and settled in for her stay. T'licl explained to Elitha that her stay with Thes would not be permanent unless she intended to stay on the planet forever, but she would not be able to depart until her training had been completed. Elitha was skeptical as to why she would be confined to this foreign planet for what could very well be many years, but was nonetheless content with her decision. As T'licl departed the planet, Thes led Elitha back to his home and made her some food, telling her to eat up and prepare herself; They were going to get started immediately. 

A year or two passed, and Elitha had already gained considerable mastery over her abilities. She was skilled with a Lightsaber by nature, seeming to have a knack for swordplay, however the most impressive thing to Thes was her manipulation of the force. She was so skilled with it that she could lift, crush, throw, and pull things to herself with nothing more than looking at the object and thinking about whatever she chose to do with it. It was an impressive and uncommon sight, even to Thes. He began to take her beyond his training grounds to fight large enemies and stronger foes, including some of the more hostile folk among the planet, the few human inhabitants were animalistic and primitive, easily provoked. It confused Elitha as to why he remained on this planet as the only person with a moral complex. Within 5 years, Elitha had become a powerful Jedi. She rivaled masters in skill with a blade and her mastery of the force was unlike any Thes had ever seen. He himself admitted that she could easily kill him if given the chance. Soon believed that the time was coming to leave this planet and finally take revenge upon her parent's killers. However, Thes had things to tell her.

As Elitha was preparing her ship for departure, Thes drew his saber. This caught Elitha by surprise and she jokingly insinuated that he was challenging her to a duel as a goodbye. However Thes was not smiling nor was he joking about. And Elitha, whose mastery of the force was undeniable, could feel the malice literally flowing from his body. Thes was ready to slaughter her then and there. Elitha stopped smiling and her grin turned into a dead-serious expression. She muttered to him, demanding to know who he really was. Thes did not reply, but instead cracked a small grin. He suddenly vanished from sight. Elitha kept her composure but was still surprised by this. She felt him appear behind him and quickly spun around, saber in hand, however he faded from view again. She could hear his voice echo to her from what seemed like a distance. But regardless he was not to be underestimated. He reappeared in the center of the landing platform and beckoned her with his saber. She dashed toward him at high speeds and clashed sabers. They fought for a good 15 minutes, clashing profusely and exhibiting all manner of flashy moves and acrobatics, their skills were almost in perfect sync. They clashed back and forth and landed a few feet before one another. Elitha breathing heavily and Thes still holding his composure perfectly. He taunted her, asking if she was still able to fight, or if he would have to kill her so easily. He told her that since she was breathing heavily and clearly fighting hard, he would spare her some thoughts on her parents demise. 

Thes Morin was the one who destroyed her parent's school. He manipulated a separatist group into decimating the city and the school along with it. Elitha felt her body freeze. Suddenly she realized that she was standing in front of the very reason she is now as powerful as she is, who also happens to be the very reason she wanted to be this powerful in the first place. The irony and the shock had her completely paralyzed with fear, anger. Thes laughed, mocking her obvious struggle to move. He walked over to her and readied a swing and suddenly she vanished. Caught off guard, but not surprised, Thes chuckled and looked about, giving small admiration for her ability to master a technique he did not train her so easily. She appeared behind him, he turned to face her and she disappeared again. This time she began to appear in multiple places, as if she was trying to elude him into a confusion and then strike without his notice. She began to create clones of herself she was moving so quickly. Thes chuckled, impressed by her speed. However... He was not so easily intimidated. She appeared behind him, but not before he was already turned to face her. He caught her by her throat and lifted her into the air, knocking her lightsaber out of her hand as well. He looked directly into her eyes and mocked her, telling her that there was no way she would avenge her family with strength as little as that. He threw her into a wall nearby and began to walk slowly towards her. Elitha realized she was far more out-matched than she had previously been lead to believe. She took off into the wilderness at high speeds, running as fast as she could from him. He laughed and muttered under his breath about her weakness.

He did not give chase, instead allowing her to hide herself away for a few days before going to find her. He was very skilled at tracking, he would find her in no time. In the meantime, Elitha hid herself away in an undercropping quite far into the wilds. For the next 6 days she survived off the animals around her, hunting and killing when necessary and returning before dark to her shelter. 3 or 4 days in, she came across a child, maybe a year old. His mother, or caretaker was nowhere to be found, and the boy was small, clearly hadn't eaten in some time, and even though she was hiding from the most dangerous Jedi she's ever met, this Child was just as vulnerable right now. She took him back with her to her shelter and fed him, and gave him some semblance of clothing to get by until she could escape this wretched planet. a day and a half passed, the child was full and happy, although she had not given him a name yet. She thought to herself for a minute before deciding on a name. "Ceryss Daggoth..." She said to him. "That suits you well, it does."

"I agree." Said the voice of Thes from behind her. Her body suddenly froze, fear entirely encumbering her. Thes laughed, mocking her, asking her if she really believed she could escape or hide from him. He dragged her by her collar out of the undercropping and threw her down into the brush. He laughed out loud, watching her tumble, and stumble once she finally regained her footing. He kicked her backwards, sending her into a tree behind her. She had enough and attempted to throw him backwards, but he countered it with a stronger push and smashed her through the tree and into another one behind it. He chuckled and stood above her, staring straight into her eyes. His stare pierced her very soul to its core, there was nothing but ice cold bloodlust in his eyes. He stabbed his saber straight through her chest, and muttered to her. "You're weak. Your parents would have been ashamed of you."

She gasped for air once, twice, three times and fell silent, and limp. He drew his blade from her sternum and returned to the undercropping with Ceryss. He looked upon him, contemplating killing him as well. Something about him, made Thes want him to live. So, Thes took him back to his home, as Thes was planning on departing from the planet anyway, he could leave the child there, and allow him to figure out how to fend for himself. Most of the "humans" here had done the same, he was no exception. When they had returned to Thes' home, he sat the child before him and instructed him with a goal for the future, however knowing that he was too young to understand what Thes' was saying, that wasn't his goal in the first place anyways. He muttered in his ear "Listen closely, child... In the coming years, you will adapt to this environment... Then when the time comes, you will leave this planet and you will find me. Whether by your choice or by mine, or by the will of the force itself, we will find each other again. And you will take me down, or I will take you down. I sense great strength in you, and you will not fail me."

He then took his leave of the planet. Ceryss watched the ship fly away into the sky, blankly staring away as if he had no clue what he just heard....


Childhood - Jedi Knighthood (44 BBY - 22 BBY)

Childhood - Teenagehood

Training - Knighthood

The Clone Wars (22 BBY - 19 BBY)

The Battle of Geonosis

Thes' Betrayal

Search for Thes | Year One (21 BBY - 20 BBY)



Search for Thes | Year Two (20 BBY - 19 BBY)



Genya Telsh, and The Gray Jedi Order (19 BBY - 16 BBY)

Arrival at Zonama Sekot - Induction

Teidowan Rank - Gray Knight Rank (16 BBY - 14 BBY)

Gray Knight Rank - Koawan Rank (14 BBY - 10 BBY)

Koawan Rank - Silver Knight Rank (10 BBY - 5 BBY)

Silver Knight Rank - Maeowan Rank (5 BBY - 1 ABY)

Arcturus Vermillion

Maeowan Rank - Gray Jedi Master Rank (1 ABY - 7 ABY)

Gray Jedi Master Rank - Wind Sage Rank (7 ABY - 12 ABY)

Long Lost Master (12 ABY - 14 ABY)

Damaera Daggoth Lives

Master and Apprentice

Ancestral Power

A Keeper of The Balance

Lightsaber(s), Equipment



Right Hand;

Yellow Crystal;

Weathered Metallic Color;

Hilt: Approx. 1 and a half hands in length;

Blade: Approx. 36" in length.

Opposition is Ceryss' Right hand saber. This Lightsaber originally belonged to Ceryss' master Thes Morin, who betrayed the Jedi Order and Ceryss in pursuit of an old friend of the Sith. From what Ceryss learned, Thes forged this blade entirely alone, much like Ceryss did with his own blade. The crystal is a brilliant Yellow color, which he obtained from deep within the Crystal Cave of Dantooine. Ceryss based his own Lightsaber Contrast off of Thes' blade, in "contrast" of its owner's legend.



Left Hand;

Green Crystal;

Polished Silver Color;

Hilt: Approx. 1 and a half hands in length;

Blade: Approx. 36" in length.

Contrast is Ceryss' left hand saber. This lightsaber was forged by Ceryss himself, from Phrik and another unknown material from his home planet. He was always good at piecing together and forging unique equipment and weaponry, and Contrast is a direct result of how much that skill has progressed since his induction into his new life. When he obtained Opposition after killing Thes in battle, he decided he would model a new lightsaber in "contrast" with Opposition, for irony's sake, as well. The crystal is a beautiful Green color, also recovered from Dantooine.



Left/Right Hand;

Blue Crystal;

Weathered Metallic Color;

Hilt: Approx. 1 and a half hands in length;

Blade: Approx. 36" in length.

Soul was his most prized possession and weapon, which was given to him by Genya Telsh, his Gray Jedi Mentor. She recovered it from the tomb of Ceryss' oldest female ancestor; Damaera Daggoth's captive Jedi spouse. The blade shines in a bright, beautiful blue color. Aside from the aesthetic description of the blade, much is unknown about what was used to forge it, or where the Crystal was recovered from. But the blade hums with a sense of strength, pride and love.




Left/Right Hand;

Yellow Crystal;

Steel Plate/Obsidian Plate/Leather Grip;

Hilt: Approx. 1 and a half hands in length;

Designed for one hand;

Blade: Approx. 36" in length.

Memory was Ceryss' very first Lightsaber. Its hilt, like his other blades, was forged from Phrik and an unknown material from his home planet. The leather on the grip was taken from an old leather jacket he took from the home Thes left him in when he was but a child. The crystal was retrieved during The Gathering, Master Yoda gave him and his fellow Younglings a limited time to find their crystal and return before the cavern froze back over. The blade's name is meant to signify his past, where he came from is a mystery left up to the chance of his memory recovering. He was so young when everything happened that he does not even remember what happened the day Elitha died. It was destroyed by Thes Morin when he cut it in half during his battle with Ceryss on Felucia.

Skills and Talents

Behind The Scenes

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