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Ceridion, Imperial Designation CE-974, was a jungle planet located in Order Space infamous for being the former capital world of the 4th Order.


2,000 BBY

Ceridion was discovered by 4th Order scouts and was added to the list of potential capital worlds. It, however, was pushed aside in favor of another planet.

500 BBY

The 4th Order move their capital to Ceridion after their previous world was discovered and attacked by an unknown foe.

17 ABY

Ceridion is sieged for 4 days by the First Order in retaliation for the destruction of one of their military installations. The siege was eventually repelled by the newly constructed Mandator VI Star Dreadnought, the Insurgence.

24 ABY

The planet, along with every other system in Order Space, is scuttled when the now renamed Armada goes mobile.

Geographical Information

Ceridion's environment was highly unusual, even when compared to planets such as Felucia.

Most of the planet is a mountainous jungle, with 2 major bodies of water. However, from orbit, Ceridion appears to be a giant snowball in space, with thick clouds layers covering it throughout the year. The reason why is unknown, though it is suspected to be the work of ancient Sith magic, considering many Sith artifacts have been found on the planet, including an entire temple.

After the mobilization of the fleet, the planet was decimated, turning its once-lush jungle landscape into a wasteland.


  • A recreation of an area of the planet exists onboard The Armada's flagship, including the Ceridion Sith Temple.

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