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The Cerean Mystics were an organization of Force-sensitive Cereans from Cerea that followed the Force's will. The Hierarch of Cerea, the leader of the planet, was also the leader of the organization, as the hierarch had to be Force-sensitive. The organization was formed in 6500 BTE, by the renowned Si'a Tiar, who, according to legend, single-handedly fought off the Jedi Order in their attempt to conquer the planet.

The Mystics' relationship with the Jedi Order has not improved much, but some Cereans are still admitted into the Jedi Order if they do not wish to join the Mystics. A makeshift alliance was formed between the Cereans and the Bahk-tov Council of Bardotta, in an attempt to create a rival faction to the Jedi, however the Jedi managed to defeat the two organizations in the War of the Six Orders—between the Jedi, Cerean Mystics, Bahk-tov Council, Ordu Aspectu, Frangawl Cult and the Indonai Imperium.






  • The Orders of the Force (First appearance)

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