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The Cerci IV Drive Yards  were the main shipyard of the Varino Imperium, prior to it's reorganization it was known as the Imperium Fleet Systems. They would also serve as producer of a number of ground vehicles used by the Imperium. It would largely serve only it's government, albeit with some cooperation with Cybe Drives. With this when the Shipyard Disarmament Act was passed the Cerci IV Drive Yards was not listed and escaped any form of disarmament, compared to the government it was ran by the Varino Imperium was disarmed with the Galactic Disarmament Act.


Imperium Fleet Systems

Originally named as the Imperium Fleet Systems, the Cerci IV Drive Yards would start out humbly using small ground-based facilities to build starfighters such as the TIE Aurora and the Falumpaset-class dropship. It also served to produce some ground vehicles that had been constructed from the pre-existing stock such as All Terrain Armored Transports and All Terrain Scout Transports, these modifications including things such as the Cold Terrain Scout Transport.

From here they would begin to build up using the wealth of the Varino family to begin construction of orbital facilities for construction of ships. Soon enough, the Imperium had finished setting up the industry in Cerci system and the smaller facilities were rebranded to give it more of an official name so, Imperium Fleet Systems became Cerci IV Drive Yards.

Founding of the Drive Yards

Once it became the Cerci IV Drive Yards it's production began to rapidly ramp up. Beginning with the construction of frigates such as the Paladin-class frigate, and support vessels such as the Informer-class support ship, as a way to get the shipyards up to speed. The Imperium had yet to lose the majority of it's Imperial Star Destroyers at this point there was the belief that they would have plenty of time to begin preparations for producing its own class of Star Destroyer. Of course, it also continued construction of TIE variants.

By the time it had been established the Imperium had found itself in the aftermath of Operation Shadow Hand, where the Imperium supporting the Reborn Palpatine had lost a number of vessels. So the Imperium was forced to improvise, starting with the smallest of what would become the Cerci Star Destroyers, the Theed-class Star Destroyer, which was considerably worse than the Imperial Star Destroyer's it had to replace. But it was able to bolster the fleet of the Varino Imperium, at a time when it was most needed.


After Shadow Hand and the final death of the Emperor, the Imperium set it's sight on expanding into the Unknown Regions and would commission a number of vehicles to accomplish this, often cooperating with other companies to make things, such as the Jagged Modular Fighting Vehicle created with help from Awfion Engineering. This program would allow it to use more of the resources of the Unknown Regions to in turn make larger ships, this led to the Tenebrarius-class Star Destroyer that would be at least on par with the Imperial Star Destroyers compared to the Theed-class Star Destroyer.

Cerci IV Drive Yards Starship Classifications
Support Ships
Fambaa-class support ship · Informer-class support ship
Falumpaset-class dropship · Sepulchre-class shuttle
TIE Maniple · TIE Despoiler · TIE Wraith · TIE Aurora · TIE Intrepid · Pavor-class starfighter
Archon-class frigate · Paladin-class frigate · Baronet-class frigate
Warhammer-class heavy cruiser · Aronus-class cruiser · Kiaro-class heavy cruiser
Auxium-class carrier · Battlement-class carrier
Exploratory Star Destroyers
Nebulon-class Exploratory Star Destroyer · Vector-class Exploratory Star Destroyer
Star Destroyers
Varino-class Star Destroyer · Theed-class Star Destroyer · Tenebrarius-class Star Destroyer
Super Star Destroyers
Greater Imperatus-class Super Star Destroyer · Fortis-class Super Star Destroyer