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Cellators, also known as Kosmites, were a Sentient silicon-based crystalline species from the planet Kosm in the core worlds, renowned the galaxy over for their hard exteriors, advanced technology, and sophisticated degree of intelligence and logical thinking.

It was theorized by the ancient jedi that their crystal bodies gave them a unique connection with the force.

Biology and Psychology

Originally a quadrupedal species that would consume any microbial lifeforms they would come across, burrowing their way through the subterranean twists and turns, feeling their way around via vibrations which would be felt by specialized nerves underneath the crystal plates that would make up their exoskeletons.

They evolved a type of retractable spur in the palms of their front feet, which they would use to dig, climb, remain stable during an earthquake or aftershock, or to fight other animals or hostile members of their own species, or to fight over mates.

They would evolve a sort of species-wide eidetic memory, so as to not get lost in their own labyrinths of tunnel systems, and this memory evolution would enable their evolution into sentience.

They communicate by vibrating their exoskeleton at certain frequencies with specialized communication muscles.

Due to silicon being slightly less versatile than carbon, then there wasn't a wide variety of species to prey off of in the subterranean tunnels of their home world, and so they would instead gain sustenance from microbial life inside the fungal connections of the fungus species that dominated the highly radioactive surface.

They are considered in galactic society to be emotionally unfeeling by most, mainly due to the lack of emotions such as sadness or joy or love or wrath in their psychology, and their powerful, logical brains.

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