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Celestial, Ancient Basic

Height of average adult

1.8 Meters

Skin color

Pale, Shiny, Luminous, Incandescent.

Hair color

White, Silvery, Gold.

Eye color

Varied, always glowing.

  • Humanoid
  • Incandescent glow
  • Glowing eyes
Average lifespan

Biologically immortal.


The Celestials, also known as the Architects, or Hyperspace Gods were an ancient civilization who were present long before the dawn of the Galactic community, they arrived in the Galaxy around 1,000,000 BBY. Much of what is known about the Celestials is the subject of xenoarcheology. Known members included Yeva, Mata Nui, The Father, The Son, and The Daughter.

History Edit

The origins of the Celestials were largely unknown, but is believed they originated from outside the Galaxy. It is believed that in those early days they created The Maw as well as the Corellian system, putting to use devices such as the Centerpoint Station and the Eliminator. The Celestials were also credited with having moved the planet Vultar to its final location and in a similar fashion having constructed the Hapes Cluster, Kathol Rift, Cron Cluster and the hyperspace tangle that bisected the galaxy.

The lowest levels of the planet Kessel once housed massive amounts of Celestial technology, which almost destroyed the entire planet in 43.5 ABY. Ben Skywalker theorized that the Celestials may have constructed Centerpoint station and created the Maw in order to contain Abeloth. Sinkhole station, similar in appearance to Centerpoint, also had possible ties to the Celestials.

It is also rumored that the celestials created the Eliminator, although that creation was later stolen by the Makuta and passed on to the sith. It had also been speculated that the hyperspace divide that separated the western galaxy from the broader galactic community was done by the Celestials to create a firm devide between the Rakatan-dominated eastern galaxy and their own Empire.

During the first great rebellion, many millions of celestials were slaughtered by the humans, tuangs, duros and rakata. The great celestial empire was replaced by the Dominion of the Celestials and Makuta , which was governed by the Order of Mata Nui

In 50,000 BBY , the Barraki attempted a rebellion against the celestials, and although it failed, it created the conditions nessecary for the on and off civil war that would last for the next 1000 years. In 49,000 BBY, the rebellion at Vitea and the rebellion of the Makuta would see the virtual extinction of the Celestials.

Galactic politics Edit

It was theorized that the perceived threat of the Celestials was the primary motivation for the ancient Sharu to conceal their civilization around 1,000,000 BBY, as well as the reason for the Columi's self-imposed seclusion. The Killiks, used by them as laborers, and the Kwa, whose Infinity Gated were based on Celestial technological principles, were some of the species which had contact with this enigmatic race.

49,000 BBY the order of Mata Nui was overthrown and the Celestials virtually eradicated. The Celestials' power had waned to such a degree that the Rakata were able to dominate other systems on a large scale without competition.

The Celestials also enslaved the primitive humans of Vitea and altered their genetic structure, causing those peaceful beings to become like their Celestial masters. These humans would eventually cause the downfall of the Celestials.

Legacy Edit

When a transcended Luke Skywalker was brought to the Pool of Knowledge the Mind Walkers, the Mind Walkers told Luke that when they had invited Jacen Solo to bathe in the pool, he had declined their offer, telling them that he did not want to become like the Celestials and have all of the knowledge of the universe. The Aing-Tii Prophet claimed the Celestials would re-appear within his lifetime.

Abeloth was believed to have some connection to the Celestials.