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Cavians were sentient, furry marsupials from Cav I. Their natural language was Cavi.

Adults could grow up to about 1.20 meters in height, and babies (known as pups or Caivlings) were born hairless, only about 10 centimeters long. Cavian litters usually had 4-10 pups. Cavians had stubby tails and strong limbs, which could be used easily for hopping and travel through the trees.

Cavians built their homes from mud, which was rock-hard but still light when it dried, and wood. They mostly built their huts on the ground, on the side of trees, and in the branches of trees. Some brave Cavians discovered they were able to make mud constructions float, and started drifting cites in the wide oceans. Different choices of homes may indicate different races, especially with the seafaring ones.

Although these mammals had rather primitive technology, they could learn very quickly when introduced to new things, and were considered much smarter than Ewoks. They still very rarely went off-planet. This was because most spacefaring sentients did not go to the Cav I, since the atmosphere was unbreathable for most species. The system was also forgotten and considered nearly worthless since Mucaav's crust split up, ruining the mining operations there. In turn, the Cavians were often uncomfortable off their own planet, because of the atmospheric and temperature differences, and also cases of homesickness.