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Catiene Gallien ((pronounced /kat'jen.'gaʎen/)) was a Human female financier for a finance firm based on the planet Aargau. As a young and inexperienced financier, she became entangled in the scheming of Avar Zranik, who used her as a pawn, in the time leading up to the Seswenna Security Crisis. Gallien was arrested on Qina for her alleged involvement by GIN Agent Evening Delwynn. In spite of her claimed ignorance and innocence, she remained in custody of the government while the investigation continued. Her involvement also made her a target for assassination, and she was kept in protective custody on Thyferra after bounty hunters attempted to murder her.


Catiene Gallien was a young financier on Aargau in the years leading up to the Seswenna Security Crisis. She was instructed by her boss to take on a client by the name of Avar Zranik, the head of Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises. She helped manage his finances and those of the corporation, but as a result she became involved in his terrorism schemes. Suspecting that something was amiss, she traveled to Qina to meet with Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor. The meeting at Granhar Cantina, in the Rin settlement, with the senator was short. After the meeting, an botched assassination attempt by Rodian bounty hunters affiliated with Zranik caused Gallien to be apprehended by GIN agents, led by Evening Delwynn, and Senator Regueny to be kidnapped.[1]

Gallien was interrogated by Agent Delwynn about her involvement in the plot, as Delwynn understood, to assassinate Senator Regueny. Gallien claimed to know nothing of the sorts and demanded release. Stating that she would be killed, Delwynn convinced the young financier to remain in custody for the time being.[1] After the separate deaths of Senator Regueny in Eriadu City and Torrik Samit, a Czerka bioweapons expert, in a rural house, Gallien was taken to Thyferra for protective services. When pressed again for information, however, Gallien revealed that she knew more of Zranik's finances than she had confessed. She told Agent Delwynn that Zranik had been involved with other bounty hunters and had a separate fund that he personally managed. She also confirmed the monetary connection to Czerka for possible war materiel and medicines. All the while, however, she emphasized her innocence, claiming that she was merely doing her job as the financier. Although not completely satisfied, Agent Delwynn decided to no longer considered under arrest, even though the young financier was still a person of interest to the case. Gallien was told that she would be transferred to a protective custody on Thyferra, where she would be protected from possible assassination.[2]

Upon arriving on Thyferra, the GIN team, with Gallien present, was attacked once again by the three Rodian bounty hunters. Explosives were launched in the attack and a firefight ensued. Even though the two Thyferra-based guards were killed, Gallien was saved by Agents Delwynn and Eloban Slorfit, who pushed the young woman out of the way of an incoming explosive device. Scared, she yielded to the custody of the Thyferra-based Agent Slorfit.[2]

Personality and traits

Catiene Gallien was a young financier with brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. She was only about twenty-five when apprehended by Agent Delwynn's team in 703 BBY. She was coerced into working for Avar Zranik, but her loyalty to confidentiality caused her to spar with Agent Delwynn during her investigation. She was quick to become emotive and lashed out at Delwynn during one interrogation session.[1] Most often, however, she was easily reduced to tears as the weight of her duties came to the fore. Realizing that she had become part of a terrorist plot, she confessed her dealings as financier to Agent Delwynn and pleaded her innocence.[2]

Behind the scenes

Catiene Gallien made her first appearance in Golden Age of the Republic: Hidden Truths as a young financier who had become entangled in a broader plot. Her role is vague initially, but more about her and her history is revealed through interrogation sessions by Evening Delwynn. The role reprises in Golden Age of the Republic: Secret Agendas, whereby Gallien is transferred to Thyferra.[1][2]

Notes and references

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