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The Catian Republic was a huge galactic alliance during Luke Skywalker's time. The Republic was the biggest unmentioned ally in the entire Rebellion and New Republic. They provided several ship designs including the R-wing fighter.


Dorkal V was found an uninhabited desert planet by the Catians. They terraformed the planet into a planet inhabitable by almost any species. The Catians made this planet the "Galactic Capitol of the Republic" in 14 BBY. They also built thousands of cities on the main continent of Yethao, including Mn'tjor. The Catian Republic sent five transports to Dorkal V to colonize the planet after terraforming of the planet and its moons was complete. They started the city of Dakobah the year they landed. Also, 2 construction ships accompanied the transports as they ventured through hyperspace to the planet. Those ships built the first shipyard.


  • R-wing fighter
  • Leviathan-class transport
  • Newhorn-class transport
  • Gerris-class construction
  • Th'ret-class mining
  • No'gyr-class scout
  • U-wing fighter
  • I-wing fighter
  • O-wing fighter
  • Galactica-class star defender
  • Catia-class super star defender
  • Uth'ne-class warship
  • Pre'thor-class frigate
  • Soo'ng-class cruiser
  • Nol'se-class cruiser
  • D'fret-class battleship
  • M-wing fighter
  • S-wing fighter
  • D-wing fighter
  • L-wing fighter
  • Y'poer-class super star defender
  • Avis-class carrier
  • Soth'et-class warship
  • Astu'ru-class attack ship
  • P-wing fighter


  • Hoth
  • New Republic planets
  • Dorkal V
  • Ira VI
  • Thoer
  • Endor
  • Volca
  • Urtha
  • Iroa
  • Theyt
  • Earth
  • So-thp
  • New Catia


  • President: Fre't U'roth
  • Elders' Leader: Y'tpre
  • Fleet Admiral of the Starfleet: Fleet Admiral Staer
  • Council Leader: Y'tpre
  • Admiral of the 1st Fleet: Admiral Nimbys

Capturing the Homeworld

Several Catian warships and fighters were sent to the location of Old Catia, the planet swallowed by the wormhole. When they arrived, they saw the planet controlled by the Empire. The fleet instantly sent a Code Red to the Republic, and the Battle of the Homeworld began. The Rebellion on the surface unearthed over 10 trillion troops that assaulted the Imperial clone troopers on the surface. In space, the over 900 Catian starships and fighters destroyed Star Destroyer after Star Destroyer. Soon, the New Republic's First Fleet arrived and helped the already-winning Catian Assault Fleet One. Then, a ghostly sight struck the fleets. The Imperial SSD Emperor's Grasp dropped out of hyperspace and the fighting ceased for a second. Then, the allied fleet vaporized the entire Star Destroyer fleet, and the Emperor's Grasp became under heavy weapon-fire. Suddenly, the New Republic's Home One flagship dropped out of hyperspace and incinerated the SSD's energy globes. Quietly, the Home One launched an unmanned A-wing fighter that rammed the Control Bridge, sending globs of flames into the jet black space. Then, the fleet vaporized the Super Star Destroyer, freeing the homeworld. But unfortunately, the homeworld was terraformed into an unrecognizable desert, and the remaining Catians were transported to the official capitol of the New Republic, Dorkal V.

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