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Keep your guard up, everyone's a Palpatine lover in Castillia.
—Stella Parnette to the crew of the Benevolent (19 BBY)

Castillia was a terrestrial planet located in the Core Worlds, close to the border of the Colonies. It was the last planet to be discovered in the Core Worlds.

Founded originally as a colony of Coruscant, Castillia was able to peacefully achieve independence in 4,000 BBY. For a majority of its existence, Castillia was a loyal member of the Galactic Republic and later its successor state, the Galactic Empire. Due to its intense loyalty, Castillia and other loyal Imperial worlds were placed under direct New Republic control.

Despite this, once the Second Galactic Empire, led by the resurrected Palpatine, invaded the galaxy in 19 ABY, Castillia declared its support for the Restored Empire. After the Restored Empire's defeat, Castillia was a member of the Galactic Alliance and later the Galactic Commonwealth.


Discovery and Colonization

Discovered by Coruscanti explorers in 4,600 BBY, the planet later named Castillia became the last planet to be discovered in the Core Worlds of the Galaxy.

Colonization efforts, lead by Coruscanti politician Joori Sarvad, would last two decades, resulting in over a million Coruscanti colonizing the planet. In 4,570 BBY, the Galactic Senate approved the establishment of a Coruscanti colonial government on the planet.

Colony of Coruscant

As a colony of the galactic capital, Castillia grew in size and wealth. Because of the vast amount of farmable land and natural resources, Castillia became a chief supplier of food and fuel to Coruscant, which caused the planet to become quite wealthy. Population also increased during Castillia's colonial period, reaching an all-time high of 400 million people

Around 4,100 BBY, calls for independence grew in Castillia after Coruscant began to heavily tax goods made on the planet. In a plea to the Senate, Governor Maximillian Lyoda requested Coruscant to grant Castillia independence, citing the heavy taxes and cultural differences between the planets. The Galactic Senate voted in favor of Castillian independence in 4,000 BBY and forced Coruscant to give up all claims to the planet. For his actions, Governor Lyoda was elected the first King of Castillia, establishing the ancient monarchy and the Lyoda Royal House.

The Mandalorian and Jedi Civil War

After four thousand years of peace and with no major galactic war occurring, The Mandalorian Crusaders, led by Mandalore the Ultimate, begin a galaxy-wide crusade against the Republic and the Jedi, starting the Mandalorian War. Although thought to be relatively protected from the conflict, Castillia was invaded by the Mandalorians in 3,899 BBY, hoping to use Castillia as a staging ground for an invasion into the Core.

The Mandalorians, led by Mandalorian Commander Suulrex Ulthor, defeated the small Republic defense fleet over the planet and immediately began a ground invasion. King Esteban II and Republic Commander Jon Aryos, hoping to defeat the Mandalorians before they cause any damage, led a combined force of Republic and Castillian soldiers to the Mandalorian base located on the Great Plains.

The Battle of the Great Plains resulted in a surprise Republic/Castillian victory (albeit with heavy losses), ending any Mandalorian hopes of a Core invasion. As a result of his failure, Suulrex was banished from the Mandalorian Crusaders and went into exile on Concord Dawn. The war would end three years later after a rogue Jedi named Revan was able to kill Mandalore the Ultimate.

A year after the end of the Mandalorian War, Revan, who was exiled by the Jedi Council after disobeying them, remerges on Rakata Prime as the leader of the True Jedi Order, an organization made up of veterans and Jedi that fought in the Mandalorian War. Sensing the darkness in Revan (who was secretly a Sith Lord), the Jedi send a strike team to eliminate him. The mission fails and Revan uses the Jedi assassination as a claim to invade the Galaxy, starting the Jedi Civil War.

Using a massive fleet built by the Rakatan Force Factories, Revan begins an offensive into the Core, starting off with Castillia. Despite almost defeating the Republic, Revan was forced to withdraw from the battle after forces led by the Jedi came to assist the Republic. Before retreating, however, Revan orbitally bombarded the planet, killing millions. His despicable act caused the Castillian people to lose faith and hate the Jedi, as they still believed Revan to be a Jedi.

A year later, Revan would be captured and redeemed by the Jedi and 3,895 BBY, he would defeat his former friend Malak and end the Jedi Civil War. It would take Castillia over a hundred years to rebuild after Revan's attack.

The Great Galactic Wars

In 3,490 BBY, The Second Sith Empire, led by the immortal Darth Vitiate, returns to the galaxy after thousands of years in hiding and invades the Republic, starting the First Great Galactic War. Although the fighting was brutal, Castillia and the rest of the Core Worlds were protected for a majority of the war. By 3,489 BBY, the Republic was able to secure the border between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim. However, later that year, Darth Malgus and the Sith Armada, using ancient Rakatan star maps, arrived on Coruscant and sacked the planet, forcing the Republic to surrender to the Sith. The Treaty of Castillia, signed in Nova Castillia, ended the war in a Sith victory and pushed the Republic out of the Outer Rim.

During the 15 year inter-war period, Castillia became the Republic Navy's headquarters as the Republic rebuilt itself. During this time, The Castillian Naval Company was formed and the planet became a major producer in starships and star pilots.

In 3,475 BBY, after an intense Cold War, Sith and Republic engaged each other on Tatooine, starting the Second Great Galactic War. Like before, Castillia was heavily protected from Sith attack. Unlike before, the Republic was able to push back against the Sith, making the war longer than the last one. in 3,471 BBY, the Sith Emperor Vitiate, who a year earlier was dethroned in a coup by Darth Zash and Darth Baras (who were also dethroned by their apprentices), returns to the Galaxy as the Eternal Emperor and begins to a campaign to kill all life in the Galaxy. He was later defeated by Jedi Knights Jakson Reed and Nora Lintero and Sith Lord Jaxon Raxus and the new Sith Emperor Gallius Set.

The Rise of the Empire

In 32 BBY, after Senator Sheev Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor and the Naboo Crisis is resolved, the Galactic Republic holds elections for the Galactic Senate. Cassius Gallag, a member of the Republic Party and a young noble from the upper regions of Castillia, is elected in a landslide. Gallag is a fanatical Palpatine supporter and votes in favor of the Emergency Powers Act of 22 BBY

After the Confederacy of Independent Systems declares independence from the Republic, Castillia reaffirms its loyalty to the Republic and is one of the few planets that donate its military force to the Republic. Although a major target for Confederate bombings, Castillia is protected as a Core World.

After the execution of Executive Order 66 in 19 BBY and the end of the Clone Wars, Palpatine declares himself the Galactic Emperor and reforms the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Many on Castillia supported the new Empire since it brought a sense of order to the unstable Galaxy and eliminated the Jedi, who were seen as the starters of the Clone War

Galactic Empire

A few months after the Declaration of the New Order and the founding of the Galactic Empire, the crew of the smuggling ship, Benevolent, travels to Castillia to steal a large shipment of coaxium in hopes to use it to pay off their debt to Graballa the Hutt. As the crew escape, they were surrounded by Imperial Clone Troopers. During the scuffle, the crew's new engineer, Brexton Gnaster, reveals himself to be a Jedi by using his force powers to subdue the clones. Afterwards, the crew is able to escape Castillia with the coaxium.

In 18 BBY, Princess Selena, the youngest of the Castillian Royal Family, overthrows her father as Monarch of Castillia in a bloodless coup. She does this with the backing of the Empire. In 15 BBY, Sebastian Gallag, youngest son of Cassius, begins tutoring under Emperor Palpatine. In 14 BBY, on a diplomatic mission, Palpatine reveals to the young Gallag that he is a Sith Lord, and Sebastian joins Palpatine's Sith Eternal, which is a cult dedicated to the Sith.

After Mon Mothma's call for rebellion in 2 BBY, Castillia reaffirmed its support for the Empire. When the Galactic Civil War broke out two years later, all of Castillia's shipyards were repurposed to building to Star Destroyers. In 4 ABY, after Mon Mothma announced the death of Emperor Palpatine over Endor, Sebastian Gallag calls for a conference of major Imperial leader over Castillia. The Imperial Conference turns out to be a failure, as Moff Gideon Hart and Colonel Yarcy Formen break off and form their own independent power after Gallag is declared Palpatine's successor.

In 5 ABY, The New Republic invades Castillia and is able to take the planet after many losses and fierce resistance from the Castillian people. Later that year, the Empire, led by Sebastian Gallag rallies over the desert planet of Jakku and flees into the Unknown Regions. After the retreat of the only major Imperial threat, the New Republic and remaining Imperial Warlords sign the Treaty of Chandrilia, ending the Galatic Civil War in a New Republic victory.

New Republic Governorship

Because of Castillia's undying loyalty to the Empire, the New Republic is forced to abolish the ancient monarchy in favor of direct New Republic rule, causing unrest on the planet. Before being arrested, Queen Selena escapes into the Unknown Regions and joins the Imperial Remnant.

In 16 ABY, Leia Organa, who is running for Chancellor, begins to campaign in the Core to attempt to convince Core World Senators (who were against the New Republic) to vote for her in the upcoming election. She travels to Castillia in an attempt to convince Senator Moora Sing to vote for her. While arriving on the planet, she is met with protests against the New Republic and her visit. After a few days on Castillia, Leia uncovers a plot by the Deputy Governor of the planet to overthrow the New Republic governorship. After doing this, Senator Sing, in a show of goodwill, promises to vote for Leia in the upcoming election. Before she leaves, Leia promises the people of Castillia for better representation in the Senate. Leia would later lose the election to Horace Stepponopolis after he leaked Leia's relation to Darth Vader. Despite this, Senator Sing still votes for Leia.

The Return of Palpatine

In 19 ABY, The formation of the Second Galactic Empire, the resurrected Emperor Palpatine travels to the New Republic capital of Zora on his flagship the Eclipse and destroys it, wiping a majority of the New Republic political and military leadership, causing the collapse of the New Republic. In a message to the Galaxy, Palpatine gives an ultimatum to the former New Republic, promising peace and order if they join the new Empire or complete destruction if they resist. Castillia becomes one of the first planets to join the Restored Empire after a revolution topples the New Republic governorship on the planet.

In 25 ABY, the Restored Empire is defeated after Palpatine is killed for a second time on Byss. After the Third Galactic Civil War is officially over, the remnants of the New Republic and the Resistance (a military organization formed by Leia Organa after she learned that the leak that cost her the Chancellor election was from the Imperial Remnant) form the Galactic Alliance. During the formation of the new galactic government, former Restored Imperial worlds were given equal representation in the Senate and were able to form their own planetary governments.

The Galactic Alliance and Commonwealth

Sometime after the Third Galactic Civil War, the Castillian Monarchy was restored. In 128 ABY, the ruling Castillian Monarch assured Castillia's support of Commonwealth Emperor Alexander Palpatine, citing its strong loyalty to Palpatine's great grandfather.


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