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Golden Age of the Republic


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You still surprise me, B'Rhea. I thought my life was worth well more than twelve hundred credits to you.
—Casei Solus, responding before her execution.[src]

Casei Solus (pronounced /kaz'eː·i.'soː·lus/) was a Human politician on Eriadu. She was the leader of Arrain Makila, a pro-Republic political party on Eriadu, and chief political rival of the Humanocentric despot B'Rhea. Following the dissolution of the Eriaudan parliament, she became the leader of an underground espionage movement that sought to have its own counter-revolution. To culminate the end of the B'Rhea-led Mint Revolution, Solus was captured and executed by the despot at the suggestion of Mra Tarkin.


Early political career

Drawn up from obscurity, Solus made her first appearance in the Eriaudan political scene when she ran for position of District Manger of The Sevens, a middle-class area of Eriadu City. She was unwed and childless, which enabled the woman to invest her time heavily into the job. Her role as manager also allotted Solus an influential position on the Eriadu City Council. As a prominent figurehead in the local politics of the planetary capital, Solus gained broad recognition.

After a few years as the manager of The Sevens, Solus set her sights higher. She ran for parliament thrice, being defeated each time by less than one thousand votes. Her resolve, however, caught the attention of the Eriaduan pro-Republic movement, who was looking for a new leader to help coalesce the centuries old movement into an official political party. Solus initially expressed displeasure with the prospect of joining the bureaucratic machines, preferring to maintain her independence. Some pro-Republic lobbyists expressed displeasure with the selection of Solus since she openly held some planetist values. After multiple meetings with the pro-Republic political veterans, however, she agreed to be the leader of a new political party, the Arrain Makila.

The Arrain Makila and the election of 291

The Arrain Makila initially succeeded in bringing together many pro-Republic politicians, even though Solus had not actively pursued them. She remained largely aloof, making appearances and larger appeals when necessary. In the year 290 (710 BBY), however, the situation began to markedly change. The Humanocentric politician B'Rhea rose to the fore as the leader of the planetist movement. He quickly clashed with Solus, openly engaging her in political debates with heated rhetoric through the media. B'Rhea barked strong anti-Republic and Humanocentric beliefs, yet he was highly charismatic in his delivery. As a result, he appeared as a front-runner for the gubernatorial election the following year. Not willing to back down and threatened by B'Rhea's discourse, Solus actively took a stand against the planetist politician, quickly escalating the discourse in the runup to the election.

Solus as leader of the Arrain Makila political party

One week after B'Rhea announced is intent to run for governor of Eriadu, Solus formally filed the campaign documents in Eriadu City. She was determined not to have B'Rhea win and positioned herself to, in the least, chair parliament with a string of key victories by the Arrain Makila. Solus had one open-forum debate with B'Rhea, sixteen days before the election. The debate was a catastrophe for Solus, who appeared unable to speak nearly as polished or eloquently as B'Rhea. Furthermore, her rival appeared to have received far easier questions and was never challenged on the most controversial aspects of his platform. Solus remarked in a HoloNet News interview the following day that she believed the election would be rigged.

On election day, numerous complaints from middle-class neighborhoods flooded the Arrain Makila offices in Eriadu City of voter obstruction and intimidation. Also among the complaints were accusations of uncounted ballots from registered Arrain Makila members. When the results were broadcast that evening in Eriadu City, Solus had lost the election by only four thousand votes. The margin of victory for B'Rhea was so small that an automatic recount was initiated. The courts, however, intervened and stopped the recount process, citing potential fraud on the part of the Arrain Makila. Solus and her political party were outraged and sent a formal appeal to Coruscant to recount the ballots. No response was ever received.

Mint Revolution

B'Rhea: “Any final words?
Solus: “You are a sad, strange little man.
―B'Rhea and Solus before her execution.[src]

In addition to the election of B'Rhea, the Arrain Makila was unable to garner enough seats in parliament to retain its majority. The wave of change left Solus as the head of a minority party with only forty percent of the total votes in the legislative body. Although she was a vocal critic of B'Rhea, who was daily growing in popularity, she was powerless to stop his legislative agenda, which slowly and subtly consolidated power to the executive office. Nothing proposed, however, was overt or dramatic. After nearly three years of minor bills, Solus feared that a larger revolution was on the horizon. With his popularity, B'Rhea also put forth a measure that dramatically reduced the power of parliament. When enough planetists defected to reject the bill, at the bidding of Solus, B'Rhea temporarily ceased his political maneuvering.

In 294 (706 BBY), one year before an expected reelection campaign, B'Rhea quickly began to enact executive orders and regulations that further consolidated power with the executive office of governor. He openly denounced his political rivals, accusing Solus of standing in the way of his populist agenda. In only three days, B'Rhea marginalized the legislature and rendered it ineffective. He also consolidated the police forces under his control and dissolved his political party. His police force seized control of Eriaduan media outlets, which had been partially under his control already, and declared himself governor for life. Anyone who spoke out against the changes were to be arrested if caught.

Solus, paraded before the people while awaiting execution.

Alarmed, Solus attempted to contact senators on Coruscant about the issue. She was able to reach Seswenna-sector senator Awa Moonflower, who represented Eriadu as part of the sector. Moonflower plead the case for Republic intervention before the Galactic Senate; but the Core leaders, who controlled the governing body, refused to act. Solus quickly was taken into hiding by her supporters, retreating to a small cabin in the wastelands outside of Eriadu City. From there, she took part in now-illegal broadcasting on simple radio frequencies. She became the de facto leader of an underground movement when parliament was dissolved and the Arrain Makila members were forced into hiding. She attempted to secretly rally those people and other dissidents for a counter-revolution. Among her espionage activities that developed, Solus personally oversaw the planning of five espionage missions that were designed to eliminate ammunition reserves for the Eriaduan militia. She also was the central figure in the failed plot to kidnap newly appointed advisors, hoping to turn them over to Republic authorities for treason.

In 295, Solus was made aware of a bounty for her arrest, an act that had been suggested to B'Rhea by one of his advisors. As a result, she began to making preparations for a temporary exile outside of the sector. Before she was able to depart the planet, Solus was found and arrested by the Eriaduan secret police. By this point, the militia and police forces were under the control of B'Rhea, the former operating as a secret police organization. Solus was brought before B'Rhea and introduced to Mra Tarkin, a woman who had been appointed as Chief Ambassador to the Republic and Overseer of Native Affairs. Tarkin openly chided Solus, who stood quietly, and declared that she was to be executed for conspiracy and sedition. Solus was thrown into prison that night.

The following day, Solus was taken to the central square in Eriadu City and strung up on wooden gallows. The construct was paraded along a throng of people that had gathered. During this, she was spit on and had stones pummel her body. She was then taken to the back wall of the Eriaduan governor's mansion, where she was instructed to stand. B'Rhea and Tarkin were present with the assembled cadre of secret police. At Solus's side were three other Arrain Makila individuals who had been arrested. Tarkin ordered that the other three be executed first, and the police opened fire. B'Rhea then personally went over to Solus, kissed her, and shot her in the forehead with a blaster. The death of Solus marked the end of the Arrain Makila's attempts at counter-revolution and ensured B'Rhea's stronghold over the Eriaduan government.

Behind the scenes

The character was named as an homage to the Star Wars Fanon Administrator Solus, with her permission. The character serves as a foil to B'Rhea in the short story The Suppression. Deference was given to Solus to name the character and provide a description of appearance. The name is derived from the username and casei, Latin for cheese—a common IRC handle for Solus, who personally selected the name. The political party, Arrain Makila, is named for another common handle, "fishy". Arrain makila is Basque for "fish stick."


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