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Chief of State Nathanaeu Bastele was captured by the Mandalorians during a time of rising tensions with the Galactic Alliance.

I have every intention on returning him, safe and intact, to the Alliance. All I want in return for this consideration, is that we are allowed safe, unobstructed passage through Alliance space, until we can reach the Imperial border, where he will be returned to the closest Alliance planet or starship.Carien Bralor[src]

The capture of Nathanaeu Bastele occurred when the vessel carrying Bastele, the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance during the Third Galactic Civil War, crash landed on a planet with a Mandalorian presence. Not realizing who he was, the Mandalorains took Bastele. who survived the crash, as a captive. The capture was later announced via the HoloNet by Carien Bralor, the reigning Mandalore.


In 1,012 ABY, a rogue group of Mandalorians launched a battle against the Galactic Alliance at Teth. The Alliance emerged from the battle victoriously, but relations with the Mandalorians became strained. The Alliance had previously had unofficial allegiances with the Mandalorians, but the Mandalorians aligned themselves with the New Sith Imperium and relations between the Alliance and the Mandalorians were all but cut off. The events at Teth threatened to finally put the two factions at war.[1]

During a session of the Galactic Congress, Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Cyeon Hunebar, the representative of Cularin, announced that negotiations would take place with the Mandalorians after that session. He stated that they would be held on Bothawui and pledged that the Mandalorians would be held responsible for the actions of their people at Teth. Chief of State Nathanaeu Bastele also announced that he would be attending an unrelated diplomatic summit in the Outer Rim Territories.[2]

Capture of Bastele

En route to his diplomatic summit in the Outer Rim, the personal shuttle carrying Bastele crashed on a planet with a Mandalorian presence. He was captured by the soldiers, but they did not know who he was at the time, instead suspecting he was a random upper class individual. After a brief interrogation, however, the lead Mandalorian soldier, Briza Kale, was informed of who he was; the Mandalorians had been viewing a HoloNet transmission about the recent events at Teth, and Bastele was shown on the feed, allowing them to recognize him as the person they had captured.[3]

The negotiations between the Alliance and the Mandalorians were set to begin during this same time. As they began, the reigning Mandalore, Carien Bralor, received word that her people had captured Bastele, prompting her to leave the meeting. The response to her departure was a declaration by Chairman Hunebar that the Mandalorians would be considered an enemy by the Galactic Alliance if they left the negotiations, a statement he did not have the authority to make.[4]

Bralor made her way to where Bastele was being held captive, where she sent out a HoloNet message, with Bastele present, in order to make demands of the Alliance. She promised that Bastele would not be killed so long as the Alliance gave the Mandalorians safe passage out of Mandalorian territory, which was surrounded by the Alliance, and into Imperial territory, where the Mandalorian homeworld was. She pledged that Bastele would be let go once the journey was complete.[5]

Behind the scenes

The capture of Nathanaeu Bastele was an event role-played on TheStarWarsRP.Com as part of Star Wars Legacies, the site's fifth and current role-playing timeline. The event began on October 19, 2012.[3]


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