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Since 104 ABY, assassination, espionage, torture, kidnapping, the overthrow of sovereign governments, and other terroristic activities have become part of the galactic defense policy of the Galactic Empire. Justified time and time again by the Special Operations Command and Imperial Intelligence, agents of the Imperial government are terrorizing civilian populations in the name of galactic peace and security. Under Roan Fel and Camila Tavira, the "Victory Without War" doctrine is now "Victory Without War, But By Terror".
—Public statement by Imperial civilian non-profit organization regarding the Special Operations Command

Camila Ivy Tavira was a commissioned officer of the Imperial Intelligence Service, and later of the Imperial Special Operations Command, and was the granddaughter of the notorious Leonia Tavira. Camila became notable for becoming the second Commander-in-Chief of the Galactic Empire Special Operations Command during the Legacy Era, and would therefore become installed as a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Military and as the seventh Moff of the Council of Moffs.


Childhood (59—75 ABY)Edit

Camila Ivy Tavira was the granddaughter of Leonia Tavira, who was a pirate leader and was the youngest person to ever achieve the title of Moff, and had become very close to seducing the Jedi Corran Horn. However, eventually disaster would befall the Tavira family when competing factions in the criminal underworld united against it, and therefore, Camila Ivy Tavira was born in 59 BBY into near-poverty on the anarchistic and crime-ruled world of Atzerri in the Inner Rim Territories.

Born into poverty and with no substantiated family or relatives to sustain her, Camila soon understood from a young age that crime was the only way for her to survive in the Darwinian environment of hostile Atzerri. From a young age, she would become involved in a local swoop gang, where she would pose as a young girl begging for money, and then assaulting her donors and robbing them of all their monies, providing a steady flow of cash to her gang. While her gang members were oblivious to her legendary heritage as the granddaughter of Leonia Tavira, her grandmother's blood would manifest in her, and Camila would grow into a beautiful, but ruthless and sadistic young woman whose only operating tenet was profit and survival. Eventually reaching a fairly high position in her swoop gang even as a teenager, Leonia, during a raid to steal designer drugs from a rival gang, would accidentally kill a Bothan drug dealer in the rival faction: however, this Bothan, in reality, had been a corrupt undercover agent of Imperial Intelligence who had masqueraded as a drug dealer, but eventually become addicted, "turning native" and betraying his oath.

When Imperial counterintelligence agents from Renik had arrived on Atzerri to murder the traitorous agent, they initially mistook Camila for another undercover Intelligence agent who had arrived on the scene before them and finished the hit. This was corroborated by the fact that she was the granddaughter of Leonia Tavira. However, soon thereafter, they were shocked to learn that Camila in fact was not in anyway affiliated with the Empire, and instead was a swoop gang leader who had in fact had the blood of dozens on her hands.

Entrance into Imperial Intelligence (76 ABY—103 ABY)Edit

However, Renik, the counterintelligence division of Imperial Intelligence, was very piqued when they learned of Camila's heritage, and of her extensive experience in Atzerri, where she had tremendous experience in murder, blackmail, extortion, drug trafficking, and slave trafficking, knowledge that many Intelligence officers didn't have. The local Renik director offered Camila a candidacy position to be screened to possibly join Imperial Intelligence, and although initially wary, Camila very much on her mind had her grandmother's infamy as an Imperial officer (of sorts), and always had harbored a fascination to command the respect that was commanded by Imperial officers. Her aptitude in the clandestine arts of crime would allow her easily to pass the Selection phase of Intelligence's recruitment program on Bastion, and soon thereafter, she was sent to Prakith in the Deep Core for the Indoctrination phase, where she was the valedictorian of her graduating class.

Her outstanding academic and practical standing after emergence from Indoctrination would offer her a direct position for the Directorate of Special Intelligence, the only Intelligence department to conduct special activities and covert actions that were outlawed by Imperial law. She underwent the Direct Action indoctrination phase on Korriban, the Human Intelligence phase on Anaxes, and finally, the Experimental Interrogation phase on Manaan. On Korriban, she would be taught by the Empire's finest scout troopers the art of paramilitary direct action: clandestine assassinations, ambushes, and discretely slipping poisons: skills she had already learned on Atzerri. On Anaxes, she would learn the art of human intelligence: how to infiltrate terrorist organizations, to "turn" terrorists into spies for Imperial Intelligence, and how to pump her contacts for information. Finally, on Manaan, she would learn the part-art and part-science of interrogating humans and aliens in "experimental methods" to extract information, at the hands of Imperial interrogators from the Bureau of Operations.

After graduation, Junior Lieutenant Camila Ivy Tavira was a clandestine paramilitary operations officer of Imperial Intelligence, authorized to partake and direct Imperial special activities. Her first operation, to begin to reprogram Intelligence reporting assets into Hutt Space, became surprisingly successful when she managed to infiltrate Toydaria and extort several criminal leaders, through whom she learned that several Logistics officers of the 501st Legion were using as a funnel for illegal arms sales of Imperial weapons into criminal hands. Although Tavira was well-aware that the Directorate of Special Intelligence had credit for uncovering the weapons trafficking scheme, in a politically-astute move, she fed the information to Renik, the Intelligence division formally charged with counterintelligence and counterespionage within the Empire's own ranks. Renik agents descended on Toydaria, arresting the treasonous 501st officers and ending their arms trafficking market. Tavira became known as a rising star in Imperial Intelligence shortly thereafter, earning favors with other Imperial subdivisions such as Renik to accelerate her own promotions.

Several years later, promoted to the rank of Service Commander, Tavira would achieve her most profound intelligence victory yet, which would be proclaimed as the Imperial Intelligence victory of the century — the infiltration of the highest ranks of the Galactic Alliance. Through sleeping with a member of the Galactic Alliance Advisory Council, the Alliance's highest governmental organ, Tavira would directly control a member of the Advisory Council: once seducing him, she would extort him and ruthlessly use blackmail, threatening to expose that he had been sleeping with an Imperial agent and giving away Alliance secrets for years. Camila would drive her agent for over ten years, and for an entire decade, Imperial Intelligence knew every single state and military secret of the Alliance: every political amendment and every fleet deployment. Eventually ridden by guilt, the Advisory Council member would eventually commit suicide, ending Tavira's successful flow of information.

However, when she was finished with him, she became an Intelligence legend: the only agent to have finally infiltrated the highest levels of Alliance government, and to have escaped detection: Galactic Alliance Intelligence was now a complete joke in the eyes of the Empire. When Tavira returned to Imperial space, still not uncovered as an Imperial agent, she would receive a hero's welcome and rank of Systems Admiral as a senior staff officer within the Directorate of Special Intelligence, earning numerous decorations.

Special Operations Command (104 ABY—)Edit

When Grand Admiral August Veers would retire as the Commander-in-Chief of the Special Operations Command in 104 ABY, Camila was a logical choice for Roan Fel to appoint as his successor: the integration of Camila's Intelligence and paramilitary background with the direct action capabilities of the Special Forces would be essentially a marriage between the Special Operations Command and Imperial Intelligence, bringing both services closer together.

In fitting with Imperial military regulations, as Camila assumed the position of the second Commander-in-Chief of the Galactic Empire Special Operations Command, she would be appointed as the twelfth Grand Admiral of the Imperial military and as the seventh Moff of the Council of Moffs.

Tavira was close associates with Nyna Calixte, as the two women shared many similar backgrounds and operational and professional interests.

From her experience in the Directorate of Special Intelligence, Grand Admiral Tavira would be a recipient of the Distinguished Intelligence Cross and would receive the Intelligence Star three times. However, these awards were all classified under the highly clandestine auspices of her Coruscant human-intelligence collection operation.

Behind the scenesEdit

Camila Ivy Tavira was created in homage of Leonia Tavira, one of writer RelentlessRecusant's most favorite canonical characters. She takes her middle name from Kimberly Ivy Blackburn, a substantial article also written by the same author, but on the Halo Fan Fiction Wiki.

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