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Calvaro Hyarkis was the Baron Administrator of the Atairis System before and during the Clone Wars alongside his aide, the Nautolan Vi Assari.


Clone Wars

Atairis Trade Crisis

Hyarkis ruled over the Atairis System during one of the most trying periods in its history. The system was in crisis, the Trade Federation, led by Viceroy Nute Gunray, having cut their supply lines as a consequence of staying loyal to the Republic. Hyarkis sent a desperate message to the Jedi Council, urging them to send a Jedi Knight to fix the problem.

Hyarkis met with Jedi Knight Bolo Artel, clone commander Ballo, whom Hyarkis believed to be Artel's apprentice, and Doc, Artel's personal doctor in his quarters in the capital city of Atairis-Deta. Artel reestablished supply lines with the system and the Republic and assured Hyarkis that the supplies would arrive in the system soon.

Battle of Atairis

As Separatist troops landed outside the city, Atairis-Deta was placed under temporary martial law by Artel, who set up a defence of the city walls. Stopping just outside the city, the droids, led by Techno Union official Chatt Onakkit, gave Hyarkis an ultimatum; he had to surrender, or the droids would crush the city.

Hyarkis desperately tried to surrender to the droid troops, but was stopped by Artel. Hyarkis was taken to fight on the city walls alongside Ballo as the battle recommenced. During the battle, Hyarkis was hit by a tank blast and fell from the wall. Artel, using the Force, managed to stop him from falling to his death, but was too late to save his left arm, which had been blown off by the debris.

After the battle, Hyarkis commended Artel and Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi for their actions before informing them that he had joined the Separatists and abandoned the Republic. He ordered the Jedi to leave the system as Separatist forces arrived to peacefully occupy the city.

Personality and traits

Hyarkis was a coward, following the most powerful force no matter their moral values. He did, however, have the interests of his people in mind, attempting to surrender to save all the people in the city.


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