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Five systems in the Axe. We can ignore Tarn and Calstade, and Rothus has nothing for us.
Bolo Artel drawing up battle plans before the Annhilation of Craestyl

Calstade, occasionally known as the Blue Jewel, was a small planet located in the Axe, a strategically valuable sector in the Outer Rim.


Before the Republic

Calstade was first populated thousands of years before the founding of the Galactic Republic by human settlers from the nearby planet of Craestyl. It remained a relatively power element in the sector for generations, essentially acting as a vassal to the capital Craestyl and the small human empire that originated from it. Calstade was complicit in the enslavement of the Oth and the Ciciarazzi, and similarly joined Craestyl when it became part of the Republic, gaining a seat in the Senate for the sector.

Annhilation of Craestyl

Despite being so close to Craestyl, Calstade was largely unaffected by the small rebel uprising led by former Jedi Bolo Artel in 14 BBY. While Craestyl was devastated in the Annhilation, Calstade was untouched by the rebel forces, but helped to raise the alarm to Imperial authorities when it received word of the attack.

Physical characteristics

Despite being called the Blue Jewel of the Axe, Calstade's beauty extended only to its outer atmosphere, which seemed to glow blue in the light of its distant star. Beneath folds of swirling white clouds the planet was unremarkable, covered by flat fertile plains of grey soil. The atmosphere was fairly cold, wet and windswept and only a few cities rose up, with most of the population working as farmers or as researchers of exotic plants and animals brought to the system.

Behind the scenes

Calstade was created by Jegory as a minor background planet referenced by Bolo Artel during his short-lived rebellion against the Empire.

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