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Callista Ming was a Jedi Knight in the Old Republic who inhabited the Eye of Palpatine to prevent it from harming the Jedi. When Luke Skywalker and Cray Mingla shut the Eye down in 7 ABY, Callista inhabited the dying Cray's body, and became Luke's lover.


Jedi Academy

Early Training

After being rescued from the Eye of Palpatine and inhabiting Cray Mingla's body, Callista joined Luke Skywalker in his Jedi Academy. One of the other students, Mara Jade, exhibited a stiff, almost snappy attitude around Callista, much to the woman's surprise. During their training, Callista, due to her knowledge of older Jedi techniques, helped instruct the students even as Luke instructed her. Callista was paired up with Corran Horn due to the fact that they both had advanced knowledge about the old Order—Corran's grandfather had been a Jedi Master.

Lightsaber construction


Luke Skywalker, Callista's lover.

When the Jedi had been training for several months, Luke took them to Ilum to construct their lightsabers. Callista, having accomplished the task before, knew how to proceed and easily found a crystal attuned to her. She did not rush the construction of the weapon, however, and it took her several hours to finally complete the weapon. When she activated it, it shone a brilliant cyan. She returned to Luke to find him in conversation with Mara Jade, but by the time Callista reached them Mara had already moved away from Luke. She asked him what their conversation had been about, and Luke told her they were moving the Jedi to a safer training location. Callista, who had trained on board Djinn Altis' ship, did not like the idea of settling down in an academy, but she accepted his decision as the leader of the Jedi.

Mission to Tanaab

While the Jedi were preparing their meager supplies to be shipped from the space station to an academy, a man came to Luke to tell him that there were Imperials on Tanaab, preparing a surprise attack on a Republic convoy. Luke sent Callista, Corran, and Kyle Katarn to investigate. The three Jedi landed on Tanaab and soon discovered the Imperial dock, which housed three squadrons of TIE fighters, as well as two Skipray blastboats.

The Jedi moved forward to disable the craft, when several gray-skinned alien beings leapt from the rafters and pulled out curved knives. Callista asked the aliens to surrender, but they refused and attacked the Jedi. Surprised to find the knives and the aliens' armor to be cortosis laced, Callista and her two companions had to fight for their lives. During the battle, Corran took a deep slash to the thigh, but the blow missed his femoral artery and he quickly decapitated his attacker. When all the aliens were defeated, Callista ordered Corran and Kyle to set the Skiprays to self-destruct, knowing the ships were big enough to also take out the TIE fighters. When the timers had been set, the three Jedi quickly fled the dock and returned to their ships.

Their mission accomplished, they contacted Luke to inform him of their success. He congratulated them and told them he was moving his academy to the old Rebel base in the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV. Callista, Kyle, and Corran set a course for Yavin and jumped to hyperspace. When they arrived, Callista told Luke of the gray-skinned aliens, and he agreed to look into it when he had a chance.

Thrawn Crisis

Rescue mission

Long after the mission to Tanaab, the Empire returned, led by Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Chimaera. Callista, as one of the first Jedi Knights, was assigned to the frontlines of the battles. Leading a small team of Jedi, Callista made precision strikes against Imperial forces, capturing many Star Destroyers for Republic use and saving many innocent convoys from Thrawn's attacks.

Several weeks into the war, Luke told Callista that he was worried about Mara—he had not heard from her in several weeks, and Winter Celchu, one of Mara's New Republic Intelligence friends, told them that Mara had last been seen going on a mission to Myrkr, after which she had not made contact. Luke reached out with the Force and found Mara's presence flickering. Worried, he decided to launch a rescue mission. Not allowing her lover to go into danger alone, Callista went along.

They jumped into the system Mara was in, unknown to them the capitol of the Empire, Bastion. Luke piloted the ship and landed it in the Imperial palace's hangar, and went in to rescue Mara. While he was gone, several stormtroopers attacked the ship—Callista and Winter were forced to defend it until Luke and Mara could return. With her lightsaber, Callista cut down several stormtroopers before using the Force to seal the hangar doors until Luke and Mara finally arrived. Together, the four of them left the planet. Mara, however, appeared unhappy about their rescue and told Luke to leave her on Coruscant.

Joruus C'baoth


Callista Ming in her typical Jedi outfit.

Several months into the renewed war, Luke felt a Force summons from an unidentified Jedi. He and Callista decided to investigate, and upon arrival on the planet Jomark, discovered that the Jedi was an aged man named Joruus C'baoth. Callista was alarmed, for she remembered stories of a man named Jorus C'baoth in the old Jedi Order, and she told Luke that there was something wrong. C'baoth, glad to see an "old ally," welcomed Callista and Luke into his palace on Jomark.

Luke and C'baoth talked at length about Jedi teachings, and Luke revealed that he had started an academy on Yavin IV. C'baoth, in a fit of rage, snarled that Luke was not ready to teach, and that he, C'baoth, should be the headmaster of the academy. Leaping to the defense of her lover, Callista replied that Luke was more qualified than C'baoth believed, and that Luke had accomplished more than C'baoth ever could've. She further questioned him about the name Jorus C'baoth, and in a strange fit of maddening calm, C'baoth insisted that he was that Jedi. Callista told him that Jorus C'baoth had died on a mission before the Clone Wars, and the old Jedi again burst into a fit of rage and fired a bolt of lightning at Callista. Luke leapt in the way of the bolt and ignited his lightsaber, deflecting the Force energy at C'baoth. The mad Jedi laughed at Luke and Callista, and told them they were children in the Force compared to him, and ordered them to leave. Eager to be away from the madman, Luke and Callista agreed to leave him alone.

Breakup with Luke

After the defeat of Thrawn, Callista and Luke slowly grew apart. Luke wanted to stay together, but Callista told him that if they were together out of convenience, then they were not really in love. Luke accepted this, though he was saddened that Callista chose to leave the Academy as well. Callista wished him the best in his life, and told him she'd still be around.

Fall to the Dark Side


Callista, hypnotized into turning to the dark side.

Early journeys

Callista had originally wished to form a hidden Jedi Order on Kashyyyk, in case of an emergency that caused Luke's Jedi to fail. However, before Callista could begin this, she wanted to journey the galaxy and see the Force-strong places in the galaxy like Ilum, the ruins of the Dantooine Jedi academy, and Tython. However, during a stopover where she came out of hyperspace to punch in new coordinates, Callista was captured by an unidentified alien force. Callista struggled to escape, but she was disabled with stun bolts and the aliens took her to a biology lab and began experimenting on her. Callista tried to resist their experiments, but they implanted a small subconscious comlink in the base of her skull. Though Callista did not know the implant was there, it affected her—she was forced to do exactly as the aliens commanded.

Serving the dark

The dome-headed aliens that had captured her revealed themselves to be Yevetha, a race of xenophobic aliens from the Core, who planned to conquer the galaxy. Callista, unable to act against them due to the comm implant, became the Hand of the Yevetha, using the dark side to clear their way into the Republic. Along with a squad of Yevetha warriors, she conquered the capitol cities of several different planets along the Mid Rim. The Republic, forced to protect their citizens, sent a new team of warriors called the Retaliators to fight them. Mara, who led the Retaliators, recognized Callista and dueled her. Callista's consciousness was trying to stop her, but the Yevetha hypnotism device kept her going. Eventually, Mara had to disable Callista with a stun shot from her blaster and retreat. Callista's Yevetha officers returned her to the flagship and healed her wounds.

Personality and Traits

Callista was a passionate woman, trained in the ways of the Jedi by Djinn Altis, who did not approve of the idea of repressing one's emotions so long as they were in control of them. Callista has been known to show love, joy, anger, and sadness at various points in her life, and she was unafraid to confront the more strict Jedi about their beliefs. Callista believed in the greater good, to the point of sacrificing her life to stop the Eye of Palpatine. She was given a second chance at life, however, when the dying Cray Mingla gave up her body for Callista.


Geith Eris

In her first life, Callista had a close romantic relationship with a Jedi named Geith Eris. Redheaded, tall, and muscular, Geith was an impetuous man with a fiery temper. He referred to Callista as "Callie" and the two had expressed desire to marry and have children. Unlike Callista, Geith did not have the same self-sacrificing streak in her, as he did not want himself, or Callista, to die in order to stop the Eye of Palpatine. He fled, believing that doing so would make Callista come with him, but he ended up dying in the process.

Luke Skywalker


Callista in a skimpy outfit on her anniversary.

Callista, during her time as the computer aboard the Eye of Palpatine, met a young Jedi named Luke Skywalker who had come to stop the warship. Callista assisted Luke in his attempts, to the point of being willing to die with the ship if it was required. Over time, however, Luke came to love Callista, and refused to leave her behind. He would have pressed the issue had not his apprentice, Cray Mingla, been badly injured in the attack on the Eye, shot by a squad of stormtroopers. As Cray died, she offered her body to Callista, who reluctantly accepted. As soon as Callista's mind entered Cray's body, Luke put her in a healing trance and took her off the Eye.

Luke took Callista to his new Jedi Academy, where he began training her to use her unfamiliar body; whereas Callista had been short, somewhat stocky, and brown-haired, Cray had been tall, lean, and blond. Callista helped Luke with Jedi techniques to teach his students. Over time, the two grew closer and closer, much to the jealousy of Mara Jade. Callista expressed a desire to have a closer physical relationship with Luke, but he denied her, stating that he did not believe in sex before marriage. However, the two did still have an intimate physical relationship stopping just short of sexual intercourse. Callista was also very comfortable with Luke when they were in private—to the point of once, on their second anniversary, dressing in a skimpy outfit for his pleasure.

Luke and Callista's relationship was not to last forever, though; over time the two grew to see that they were not as perfect for each other as they had initially believed, and though Luke did not desire to break the relationship off, Callista saw that it was going nowhere and parted with Luke. Though he was initially upset about it, Luke accepted the separation kindly and still remained friends with Callista. Years later, when Luke married Mara Jade, Callista attended their wedding and wished them the best, telling them that they deserved to be together. When Mara asked Callista what her plans were, the woman said she had some more traveling to do. Unbeknownst to either Luke or Mara, Callista was building her own secret Jedi Order in case Luke's was ever dismantled unexpectedly.

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