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Calina was a Force-sensitive female Sith Acolyte during the Old Republic era. As a young adult, she began her Sith training at the Korriban academy, where she fell in love with a fellow Acolyte, Kariphos, against the will of her masters. When their son, Alahn, was born, Calina was executed by the Dark Council.[1]


Born a Force-sensitive, Calina traveled to the Korriban Sith Academy as a young adult to begin her training. While there, she met a man by the name of Kariphos. The two engaged in a romantic relationship, however were eventually forced apart by their masters so as to not hinder their training. In spite of this, they continued to meet in secret until Calina conceived a child. When Alahn was born, the Dark Council slaughtered Calina before Kariphos's eyes and took the infant to train as a Sith.[1]


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